Used Car Warranty How To Get The Right One?

With the rising prices of the new cars, people are now finding used cars a much viable option and they are often considered as risk-free investments regarding buying new vehicles. In terms of performance, the used cars are often considered better more than the new one especially when the owner have been maintaining them regularly. Buying a used car warranty can give you peace of mind in so many ways. When you get a new car then it comes with a manufacturer that will avoid unnecessary expenditure on your used car. You can find several used car warranty programs available in the market just make sure that car warranties are good enough that suit your budget.

Where to Get the Right Car Warranty

When you are about to get a used vehicle then you should ask your used car dealerships as they are often tied with car insurance companies and can provide you with good car insurance. These car warranties often come with several coverage options as well. You should compare the prices first and then make a decision. Because the warranty will be provided at the time of purchase then the cost will be included in the price of the vehicle so it is better to take your time and shop well to find the most suitable extended car warranty.

Used Car Dealership

For further information and referrals, you can ask your used car dealership as well because they know about the car warranty companies that have to offer some of the best pricing for the vehicle parts such as powertrain warranty or warranty in general. You can find some of the most reputed names in this regard. Just make sure that doesn’t fall for a scam company and get in touch with some of the best warranty providers around.

Search Online

The Internet can be your best friend in such a scenario. You can find some of the best car warranty providers in your area. A platform such as Chaiz will help you to find some of the best-reputed names for warranty providers and you can compare their plans and choose accordingly. This shouldn’t only save your time but will let you get in touch with some of the best names in the business available.

Learn About Warranty Types

While looking for extended car warranty providers then you should know that not every car warranty is the same as every car warranty comes with different options of coverage such as some car warranties come with the basic aesthetic coverage while some will cover some of the major parts of the vehicle such as powertrain coverage. Also, the warranty providers will not be the same such as some warranties will be provided straight from the makers. Following are the things that one should know about the types of Car Warranties.

Basic Car Warranties

This is the basic car warranty type that covers most of the basic parts of the cars i.e. mirrors or door handles that may break due to the manufacturer’s faults will be replaced without any charges. However, other parts such as transmission will not be covered in this type of warranty. The basic warranty will last for 3 years or 36,000 miles whatever comes first.

Powertrain Coverage

It is also referred to as the powertrain warranty and this warranty type, in general, will cover most of the major working parts of the vehicle such as transmission and engine. As a car owner, you already know that these are the most costly to be repaired parts of the car and they will not get damaged unless something serious has happened. Usually, the fault will be from the company so they don’t really require maintenance during the powertrain coverage warranty period but after 3 years, you may feel little problems with them so you can go for it within the warranty. It can last for 5-6 years or 60,000 miles.

Bumper-To-Bumper Car Warranty

This is perhaps the best car warranty you can go for as this is broader in terms of coverage. For a general idea, you can get to cover everything from front to back of the car. Though there will be a huge number of parts that will be covered you will need to understand the parts that will be covered. The only drawback of these warranties is that they will not last long as most of the bumper-to-bumper coverage will only last for 10,000 miles only.

Auto-Corrosion Warranty

The auto corrosion warranty will cover the parts of the car that are prone to get corrosion and rust. This is a type of warranty that will last for almost 5 years or 70,000mils whatever comes first.

Why Do I Get One?

Either it is the original or used Car Warranties, when you are thinking about getting on then you will ask about why do I need it? And the answer would be “you like savings” even if you don’t but when you will have to face an emergency breakdown then it could be a frustrating experience but what is even more frustrating is the fact that you will have to pay the price form your pocket. This is where you can take advantage of having Car Warranties or in case of used vehicle extended car warranty in so many ways such as:

  • You can get support in case of surprising repairing costs that can be shocking as well, especially, when you have a powertrain warranty that includes coverage for the major parts of the car such as engine and transmission.
  • You can save money while owning the vehicle and especially when you have cars that can cost huge in the terms of repairs so you can save while you have the ownership of the vehicle

You can have huge benefits from the used vehicle warranty plan. However, not knowing much can be overwhelming for anyone new to this so you will need to make sure that you are going to get after having the right idea about the warranties.

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