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8 Useful Ways to Pick Right Bathroom Vanity

Many hotel bathrooms exude pristine elegance and offer guests a tranquil ambiance. However, by initiating from the proper foundation, hotel designers, architects, and hoteliers can revamp their tired or old-style bathrooms into high-end, luxurious retreats. It includes finishing touches, like brightening lighting fixtures and plush towels that may spark inspiration. However, it is essential to ensure that primary features like hotel bathroom vanities, showers, tubs, and tiles are on point to attain traditional and contemporary space. 

So, here in this guide, you can make your hotel bathroom vanities the center of your attraction the hotel. 

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity for a Hotel?

Choosing the right hospitality vanity manufacturers is a crucial task. So, take your decision wisely. 

1. Carefully Consider the Space

While selecting the right bathroom vanity, the essential thing that comes to mind is the size of the bathroom. The hotelier wants to have a vanity that matches the rest of the bathroom space and suits guest needs. So, the bathroom vanity can be on the small side and enough to hold the bathroom sink. 

If you have a small bathroom space, then wall-hung vanities will increase the virtual space, and if you wish to increase bathroom storage capacity, you need to consider floor – a mounted style. It will give you extra space for doors and drawers. 

2. Install Statement Vanities

The bathroom vanity creates a statement piece in the room, and various approaches exist to obtain the wow – factor. A sleek floating counterpart with open shelving below is suitable in modern spaces and looks beautiful or aesthetic in hotel spaces. Otherwise, you take your hotel vanity to the next level using a backlit basin created by using stones. Thus, no matter what type of vanity you use, always ensure that it reflects your brand and design. 

3. Look at the Possible Obstacles

If your hotel bathroom is already designed, then you should check the items available in the bathroom. There should be no hindrances and obstacles in doors and walls. Determine how the door will swing and ensure that it will hit the vanity, as this will result in crowding and damage to the property. Another aspect to consider is a toilet that allows that cleaning also needs attention. 

The vanity does not obstruct the cleaning and is accessible for easy cleaning. Plumbing requires to be reviewed to finalize the budget. If you are budget-constrained, then freestanding vanity is a great choice. 

4. Mirrors

Mirror and lighting are a crucial part of bathroom vanities, and hotels are no exception. It is often held to a higher standard than the average person’s home. However, this is even more paramount for traveling persons, as they stay well-groomed when they go out. 

If you want to go the extra mile, then use demister pads. The demister pads will not build fog on your mirrors and prevent the build-up of harmful moisture in the bathroom. 

5. Storage

Before deciding how much you can spend, it is essential to consider organizing your vanity storage. A good approach will add 20% more space than you need. Review opening will hang vanity with dresser. It will benefit you by utilizing the vacant space around the plumbing. Adding extra cabinets on the counters for smaller vanity cabinets will be a good option.

6. Proper Planning of Electrics and Plumbing

When deciding the location of the bathroom vanity, it is imperative to keep the plumbing and electrics in mind. Before installing any electrical appliances in the bathroom, it is worth checking with the specialist before setting the design. Consider tap locations because vanity installed on the same wall as your shower and bath taps may help reduce unnecessary costs. 

7. Light It Up

The correct lighting will dramatically create a significant impact on the room, whether it is bulb color temperature or fixed fixer. It is a must for hotel bathrooms. The vanity lighting eases work like makeup application and shaving, and some high-technology mirrors even feature Bathroom technology and built-in speakers with built-in lighting. However, the overhead lighting will create a spa-like ambiance, and changing switches to dimmers will enhance the intimate atmosphere. 

8. Use Natural Look Materials

From porcelain to ceramic to quartz, natural look materials improved over several years, so using them in the bathroom is a good deal. However, it offers similar luxurious and natural looks to marble and granite and comes in various colors that will match your specific design style. 


If you are considering remodelling, redesigning, and ultimately transforming bathroom space, it is best to consult with the right hotel bathroom vanity manufacturer. Whether you are an individual or a hotel designer selecting the right partner will help you along the way is the way to go. Sara Hospitality has years of experience and expertise in choosing a suitable materials for bathroom needs. We provide the right fixtures, vanities, and the required amenities that one might need.