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Valley of Flowers trek

Valley of Flowers Trek: Beginners Guide   

  • Altitude: 14,400 ft
  • Start point: Haridwar
  • End point: Haridwar
  • Trek duration: 6 day 5 night
  • Trek trail: 47 kilometres
  • Trek difficulty: Easy

Located in the Uttrakhand, west Himalayan region at the altitude of 3600 m the Valley of Flowers trek is an easy yet most worthwhile trek of the Himalayas. Witness the beauty of wild flowers like daisies, petunia, lilies, zinnia etc blossoming in nature amidst the beautiful lofty himalayan peaks. This makes this place a picture perfect landscape that can easily be embellished in one’s heart.

The Valley of Flowers trek is one of the most beautiful Himalayan treks one can opt for during monsoon. Thousands and more of flowers bloom together fresh and the rains beautify the scene every time. From nourishing the greens all around to quenching this many flowers, rains add on alot to this trek.

The Valley of flowers  also has a great mythological significance. It is the same from where lord Hanuman bought the rock of magical herb that was used to rescue lord Laxman in the great Hindu epic, Ramayana.

Also the Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara surrounded by the seven sisters peak is one of the major add ons to the trek. The peace and serenity of the mountains combined with the positivity of a religious place is no less than being in God’s own world. And you’ll truly feel this vibe being at that place.

Major attractions

  • The hopelessly stunning scenic beauty of ‘ phoolon ki ghati’ , the valley of flowers covered and loaded with thousands of bloomed flowers.
  • Hemkund Sahib, a hidden gem in the peaks of Himalayas will surely make you with lots and lots of peace and positivity.
  • Some of the most beautiful sunrise and sunsets during the trek.
  • Indulge your soul in the addicting aroma of the thousands of flowers and enjoy the dream land which is no less than paradise filled with colourful flowers.

Day 1

  • Meet your group of fellow trekkers at the pre-decided meet-up point in Haridwar and start your journey early in the morning.
  • The journey to the first campsite at Govindghat begins and takes you through the most scenic view of glacius mountains and lush valleys on both sides.
  • Witness the beautiful conjunction of the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi at Devprayag on the way to Joshimath, the place with great religious significance and pilgrimage.
  • Rest for night at Govindghat.

Day 2

  • Enjoy the beauty of nature all around you and the most beautiful sunrise. Move ahead with the journey to Ghangaria.
  • Reach the Poolna village and voila here your trekking journey begins.
  • Trek for about 9-10 km and reach this small surreal village completely surrounded by mountains.
  • Check in the hotels, get yourself a quick recharge and set off to explore the eternal beauty of this village and places along.
  • Enjoy the local delicacies for dinner and take a good sleep to restart the real fun.

Day 3

  • Kickstart your journey on the most significant day of the trek.
  • Trek to the elevation of 3505 m to reach the valley of flowers and treat your eyes, heart and soul with one of the most beautiful scenery.
  • Absorb the unmatched beauty of the most colourful landscape painted by god, let yourself be lost in the smell of flowers and cherish the moments.
  • Capture these moments and keep them in your memories forever and start your descent journey to Ghangaria.
  • Stay in the village for the night.


  • Get up early and this day is to find yourself and your inner peace.
  • Start your gradual trek to the Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara with some steeps.
  • Reach the place and leave all the world and thoughts behind. Enjoy your own company and the vibe of the place will act as the healer of soul and purifier of mind.
  • The surreal view of snow capped Seven Sisters peak is also one of the attractions of the spot
  • Start your descent journey to Ghangaria and enjoy another overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 5

  • Now it’s the day you start to leave behind the base camp and start the journey back to Govindghat.
  • Visit the nearby places and enjoy interacting with locals and a night stay at Govindghat.

Day 6

  • Take the last bit of the expedition back from Govindghat to Haridwar.
  • Take as many memories as you can and cherish them till the time you visit this place again.


  • Follow the instructions of the guide.
  • Take basic medicine along.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption during trek should be avoided.
  • Carry a water bottle and some ready to eat food to munch upon. This will save you a lot of extra expense.

Enjoy your trek and return loaded with memories.

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