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Virtual Women’s Day Celebration Ideas, Activities, And Games For 2022

Every year on March 8, people worldwide celebrate International Women’s Day. This holiday may be a time to look at girls’ social, political, economic, and cultural achievements and reflect on how far we have come. It is also time to acknowledge what proportions we should still go into. The struggle for equality can be a constant fight, and it requires the collective efforts of all – not just women.

Unlike previous years, we have a pandemic to think about before gathering with our girl tribe and celebrating in the usual ways. This doesn’t mean you can’t make the women in your life unique and valuable (it has to be done every day). If you’re looking for Virtual women’s day celebration ideas, we’ve got you covered.

The 5 Best Virtual women’s day celebration ideas, activities, and games

Escape Room

It’s an interesting plot, where successful women from all industries come together so that every woman on the planet can get the secret mix to create a superwoman with magical powers. When these women were close to finding a solution, they were kidnapped by a big pharma company.

This escape room challenge gives rise to the leadership qualities of women in the organization. When you get into the picture, we want you to save them while all the teams collaborate to bring the secret idea to the world. Sounds interesting?

Mental Well Being

There are many ways to support your employees, and mental health is one of them. The first step to removing stigma is to stop the subject from being considered taboo and look at ways to bring awareness around perception. Our experiential workshops include solutions that help employees overcome their stress and take care of themselves a little more meaningfully.

Sustainability Workshop

A working woman is always challenged with the various tasks to work and their homes. This eco-friendly & fun workshop will help your life easy! From growing your therapeutic microgreens to making your bio cleaners, to bio-hacks that can be a new jolly hobby! Use them as cleaning agents to increase your Microgreens or proudly brew bio-enzymes.

Health & Nutrition Needs for Women

Growing concerns about health complications and other lifestyle-related diseases have increased the demand for a healthy lifestyle. WFH has induced a lot of physical stress in our regime. So let’s step back into a class to strengthen your immune system, get back in shape and make changes in your nutritional intake as we work towards a broader vision of increasing business productivity.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt brings the best of both worlds: it’s an entertaining, team-building engagement made easy by technology that streamlines the process. A virtual scavenger hunt to celebrate Virtual Women’s Day allows you to explore within yourself, along with the team, integrating fun concepts and activities for the participating staff.


We hope you enjoy these Virtual women’s day celebration ideas. International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and acknowledge the gender injustices that still exist. Most employees work on Women’s Day, so companies need to pay attention to their deserved event. Not to mention, the workplace champion celebrates women in diversity, promotes inclusion, and gives women the support and confidence they need to grow professionally.


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