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Best Ways to Style Striped Shirts

One of the easiest clothing apparel is striped shirts. So there is nothing to be surprised by when you find at least one shirt in a men’s wardrobe. If worn perfectly, a striped shirt can help you look lean as the vertical stripes will take the viewer’s eyes up to the bottom which will make you look taller. Striped shirts are widely available in colors which makes them very popular among men. Striped shirts in lighter shades make the shirts look very classy.

Whether men or women, striped shirts always make them look great, and the best part is that stripes never go out of fashion. Another thing is striped clothes can be worn throughout the year with a bit of styling.

Choosing plain and solid shirts is great but if you have these vertical and horizontal lining shirts for men which come in great colors and a variety of fabrics can prove your wardrobe to be very fashionable.

Striped clothes look great in all body shapes and sizes. You can experiment with your clothes by choosing either vertical or horizontal stripes.

Today, we will share some of the best ways you can wear your striped shirts. We can even assure you that you’ll truly fall in love with these.

●    Pairing them with Chinos

For a classy look,  you can always go for striped shirts paired with chinos. Striped shirts look amazing with chinos as they make you look stylish in formal ways. But make sure you are matching the footwear perfectly. The footwear that goes perfectly well with these are loafers, formal shoes, and boat shoes. Go for lighter shades if you are planning them, particularly for chinos.

  • A light pink shirt when paired with cream chinos, brown formal shoes, and a leather belt can be a great look for you
  • A light blue striped shirt paired with navy blue chinos, a navy-blue tie, and a leather belt can be your stylish formal look.

●    Layer it with a T-Shirt

Whenever you are planning to wear this outfit make sure you pair a lighter-tone t-shirt with a darker-tone shirt.  Pairing your shirt with a T-shirt will give you a cool look. This is a casual look, which you can wear on a date, in college, or while hanging out with friends.

  • Pair your red and black striped shirt with denim black jeans and a simple tee. Pair this outfit with sneakers
  • A plain white tee when paired with a blue and white striped shirt and denim jeans can look perfect with white sneakers.

●    Layer it with a Blazer

Be it any business meeting or a formal event, pairing your shirt with a darker-tone blazer can be your statement outfit. This outfit is one of the most stylish outfits out there.

  • Pairing your black blazer with a red and black striped shirt and formal black trousers with a black tie can be your perfect formal outfit.
  • Formal trousers, a navy blue blazer, and a light blue and white striped shirt can look amazing, when paired with a navy-blue tie and black boots it is a complete outfit for you.

●    Pair it with Denim Jeans

Denim is everyone’s favorite, but ever tried how amazing your striped shirts will look when paired with denim? If you have not tried it yet, you can always try this now. Be it hanging out with your friends or any casual outing with anyone, this will be your perfect outfit.

  • Pairing your black and white striped shirt with white sneakers and blue denim can do you the magic
  • Red and black striped shirt with black denim and white sneakers

Never going out of style is what stripe shirts are. Try the above-mentioned outfits as people around you will be awestruck by how well you look. Striped shirts are versatile. Just some effort and confidence in the outfit is all you need.

Vertical stripes create an illusion of you being taller and slimmer. The trick of creating such illusions is the width of the strips, so bold stripes will make you look like you are wearing pajamas whereas thinner stripes won’t create such illusions.

Here are a few types of vertical stripes available for shirts.

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●     Hairline stripes

These stripes are thinner like hairs, and the width between them is just like the width of a hairline. They won’t bring the illusion of a thinner or slimmer look but if you want that you can choose a brighter and clear stripe.

●     Pinstripes

A perfect shirt for office wear, the stripes are thin but are wide apart, and the space between two stripes is wider than the stripe itself.

●     Candy strips

With the space of 1/8th inch, these striped shirts look classic too. These stripes look amazing when worn in brighter tones.

●     Bengal stripes

These stripes are made of two colors which are patterned in an alternate manner. These colors are bright and bold which makes them look like tigers.

●     Shadow stripes 

These stripes are quirky and have darker tone lines just adjacent to them, which portray shadows.

●     Rugby stripes

Horizontal stripes, which look awfully similar to prison stripes are mostly found on informal shirts. You’ll find them in one color with white or two alternate colors. These stripes are made in an unbalanced form.

●     Alternating stripes

Stripes pattern on a constant background. Two alternate color stripes are patterned on these shirts on a base solid color shirt.

●     Hickory stripes

These stripes are used in many overall jackets and caps of engineers on trains. These were made on dark blue seersucker which was made of cotton fabric and is durable like denim.

●     Pencil stripes

These tripes are more comprehensive than a pinstripe but are narrower than a chalk stripe. These stripes are found on suit fabrics of men with a color that is contrasting with the background color of the shirt.

●     Chalk stripes

These stripes are just as wide as the tailor’s chalk lines. These stripes are wider than pinstripes and hairline stripes.