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7 Most Popular Web Development Trends to Boost Engagement

With no doubt, the number of online platforms is increasing every passing day and so on websites. From socializing to shopping, the website plays a key part in fulfilling customer’s requirements in a hassle-free manner. But to develop a trending website it is vital to focus on several factors to boost engagement.

Therefore, in this post, we are going to highlight the most popular web development trends in the present time. Check out the most popular web development trends shared in the below passage to boost engagement.

1. Leverage AMP

No one can deny the importance of accelerated mobile pages to revitalize user experience. AMP allows webpages to speedily load over different mobile and desktop devices. Whether you are a digital marketer or business owner, you can boost user engagement by leveraging accelerated mobile pages. In other words, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages is one of the crucial ranking factors that can improve website visibility on top positions. 

AMP makes pages so fast that it allows the user to browse a wide range of products in a less span of time. So ensure to use the key components of accelerated mobile pages like AMP HTML, AMP JavaScript, and CDN to standout.

2. Add Speech Recognition

By adding a speech recognition feature to your website you can truly double your user engagement.  Voice searches self-driven feature offer an incredible experience to users as well as save their time and energy that they need to waste in typing. For instance, users can search by voice to land on their required stuff to offer a personalized experience. 

Do remember to allow your web visitors to use the power of speech recognition for increasing engagement. If not, you will miss a popular web development trend that can increase user engagement over your site.

3. Progressive Web App

Gone are days when web visitors need to wait to land on their required information. Now with the invention of the progressive web app, anyone can offer a high level of functionalities to web visitors through the progressive web app. PWA consists of instant, hassle-free and user-friendly functionalities to engage a greater number of web visitors. 

Ensure to facilitate users with a progressive web app to experience more visitor’s engagement over your platform. Thanks to the tech innovators that help reconnect visitors with extra-ordinary features like custom web design company London.

4. Single Page Applications

SPA or single-page applications have transformed the way web visitors access to the website. It is observed that websites that are made up of single-page applications minimize interruption and boost engagement. This is because it reduces page load time so that customers can navigate through the website quickly.

By using a single page application, anyone can increase the performance of their website. Otherwise, you will need to develop new HTML from the server for every page. 

5. Interactive Web Design

Interactive web design is what users demand from all the web developers in the current year. Due to the introduction of the motion user interface, web visitors can benefit from amazing animation and features. These functionalities allow users to browse the information of a website in a rocket rapid manner.

The interactive web design has become a preferred interference for web users to connect with a business or organization seamlessly. If you want to boost engagement over your site, then you must offer an interactive user interface through custom web design company London.

6. Cyber Security

Thanks to tech innovators, that has introduced the cybersecurity system to protect websites and users from cyber threats, hacking, data theft and a lot of data breaches. According to a recent survey-based report, more than 4000 cyber-attacks occur daily. With the invention of cybersecurity amazing features like IT  server protection against theft and disruption, it has become possible for the website user to ensure endless connectivity.

Thus, empower your web server with a cybersecurity system to meet your business or organization goals without any hassle. Else you will miss a great chance to maximize the engagement of web visitors in a secure manner.

7. Artificial Intelligence Chat Bots

In today’s fast-paced world the artificial intelligence chatbots have entirely taken over the online platforms by providing efficient and nonstop customer support. The artificial intelligence chat bot’s powerful features entertain multiple users at the same time without any interruption. The concept of artificial intelligence chatbots invented from decades and getting popular every passing day.

If you are willing to engage more users to your website, then artificial intelligence chatbot is the right opportunity for your business or organization. It will not only bring more leads for you but also increase your sales revenue if you are operating an e-commerce store. One of the best ways to install artificial intelligence chatbots is to connect with custom web design company London.

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