What is the best adaptable tripod?

adaptable tripod

Today you don’t need to buy an expensive studio stand to take beautiful pictures and videos.

The flexible tripod provides an opportunity to position the camera precisely to achieve the required angle.

The best flexible tripod for 2020

For any budget and camera, I choose some flexible mount that will help you take stunning sharp photos.

Flexible Mini Tripod Miggo Splat SLR

This bendable tripod is an ideal device for DSLR camera owners. Three reliable legs, which can be easily adapted, provide great stability. Great execution on various sorts of surfaces. Besides, the number of positions of this flexible stand is endless.


  • It can support external flash
  • It features non-slip points
  • Lightweight
  • Holds the camera tightly
  • Very thin

Flexible Compact Camera Tripod III VidPro GP-14 Gripster

This flexible mount is good for both DSLR and camcorder. It is rotatable 360 degrees and allows you to take pictures from any imaginable angle. In addition, this tripod comes with an easy-to-use editing feature that allows disassembling your equipment in record time. Finally, it includes many rubber components that ensure safe installation regardless of the surface.


  • Quick release plate
  • Includes a safety lock
  • 360o swivel legs
  • Rubber rings and leg handles

3Pod Orbit Aluminum Tripod

The locking system and handles of this tripod are all made well and you don’t feel like it will be lost. Aside from the orbital centerpiece, the three legs fold and you can drop this tripod to the ground, which is amazing. Another surprising thing about the 3Pod tripod is that it claims to be able to carry 18 pounds of weight, which is quite a lot. Flexible pregnant women who provide this kind of weight support usually cost more than $ 700.


  • Steel construction
  • Leg locks are easy to open and close with a push
  • Fully extended, measures 69 inches

Avawo Universal 12-inch Flexible Mini Tripod

This is one of the best flexible stands that feature rotatable mounting and a quick release function to eject the camera in a few seconds. This model can be attached freely to seats, trees or columns. Its legs are rotatable 360 ° and covered in rubber to provide a more efficient grip. This tripod also includes a level tool that helps to capture perfectly aligned horizons. Its minimum height is 5 inches.


  • Quick release bar to quickly disassemble the camera
  • Amazing compatibility
  • Easy to use and comfortable

Flexible tripod Albot 70 inch

This tripod is lightweight and easy to use. My best features are the quick-release leg adjusters, the monopod option, the level, the central handle and, most importantly, the quick release of the camera. The last point is especially great for quickly dismantling the tripod. It has a staggered stem that you can simply wrap to open and lock to the desired height. Overall, the tripod is sturdy and has many locking mechanisms to ensure it is stable and the camera is safe.


  • Climb up quickly
  • Cheap
  • Overlooks the roofs
  • Carrying handle

Flexible Tripod Super Legs 

As you can guess from his name, this flexible little stand has bendable legs, giving you total freedom on the surface when it comes to delivering a gear. It has a 1/2 ” screw adapter and a 1/4 ” screw that ensures it matches almost everything. The legs of this model are covered in rubber, so you can take breathtaking photos comfortably even on rough terrain.


  • Small in size, light in weight and easily portable
  • Great flexibility thanks to the twelve knee joints
  • Good choice for mirror less cameras

Joby gorillapod focus

Many travel photographers and bloggers describe this model as the best flexible tripod for extreme photography. It provides an innovative leg structure based on more than twenty connections, which makes the device incredibly curvable and capable of rotating 360 degrees. Plus, thanks to the convenient design, you can easily control the camera even when installed.


  • Universal and very flexible
  • It fits perfectly in wide-angle lenses

Manfrotto MVH502A

This is the best adaptable tripod for video recording. Moving and tilting are extremely smooth. The fluid adjustments in this unit are very impressive and the resistance range is more than enough. The frying pan and tilt brake hold the head in place perfectly when you do not want to take advantage of fluid movement. For the price, this tripod is great!


  • Well-designed fluid withdrawal system
  • Compact and solid
  • Ideal for DSLR cameras
  • Fluidity makes moving and tilt very smooth

Targus Grypton Pro XL

The main feature of this small flexible mount is the quick release system that simplifies the process of attaching the lens or camera. Targus comes in gray and black. It dazzles users with adjustable locking ring and legs, which can be adjusted anywhere and help achieve sharp images.


  • Portable and compact
  • Legs can rotate 360 ​​degrees
  • Set it up quickly and easily

 Flexible bendable octopus tripod

With this camera stand you can get sharp and clear shots thanks to the stable grab legs. The model can perfectly handle the task even in confined spaces. OKTO10 can carry lightweight SLR cameras or direct and shoot cameras.


  • Versatile and versatile
  • Quick release plates with spin lock mechanism
  • Perfectly adjusts the camera even on rough terrain
  • The legs are rotated 360 degrees

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