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silica gel

What do you mean by silica gel, and how can you use it as a desiccant?

Made of silicon dioxide, silica gel is one type of amorphous. It is developed synthetically into granules which are very hard. In terms of appearance, the gel will look like irregular crystal-like beads. Due to their micro-porous characteristic, makeup has interlocking cavities. The gel comes with a massive high area of surface, and for different purposes, you can use it as the ideal desiccants high capacity.

As per some studies, the gel has a lower level of vapor pressure than the surrounding air, which is why the water molecules can easily adhere to the gel surface. It may be noted that water absorption is not possible if the pressure level is equal. As a result, if the humidity is higher, the gel will absorb the water faster.

However, you should remember that a higher level of humidity, for more than 50 percent, can damage the gel that is being stored or transported. But when it comes to keeping the products dry during transit or storing, you can help us with silica gel for best results. To get the best quality get you can check out the options available at Humi Pak.

Some significant advantages of silica gel

  1. The gel is non-flammable.
  2. You can reuse them by regenerating them. When you heat the gel, it will release the absorptions.
  3. A single piece of silica gel can easily absorb around 40 to 50 percent of its own weight.
  4. If stored airtight, the gel will last for years, keeping your products protected from moisture and humidity.
  5. It is inert and will never corrode or disrupt materials.
  6. What’s more? The gel can be easily packed with different things and comes in different sizes for various applications.

As the gels are odorless, non-corrosive, and non-toxic, they offer premium large volume desiccants dryers with lower energy costs. If you compared it with other types of desiccants available in the market, the gels have relatively stable thermal and chemical characteristics. So, they are entirely safe for use.  They are white and non-indicating.  When they absorb the moisture, they will remain unchanged physically.

How can you use the gel?

Rescue a wet phone

The gel is the perfect way to suck all the water and moisture out of your wet smartphone. Just keep your phone inside a zip-lock pack with the gel packets inside. Leave it for a few hours, and you are done.  

Prevent tarnish effect in silverware

Due to the presence of moisture, silverware can easily get tarnished. But using silica gel packets, you can prevent this.

You can use this to coffee jar moist-free

This is one of the most common issues that people face in their daily life. Your coffee jar can capture moisture from the environment when you open it, and it can jam all your coffee powders. To prevent such an issue, you can simply stick a silicon gel pack inside the cap, which will get the job done.

Use this and keep your leather shoes protected from moisture

Moisture can damage leather badly, and that’s why you get tiny gel packets inside the shoebox when we buy shoes. These silicon packs can keep the humidity at bay, maintaining your leather shoes for years.

Prevent the car windshield from moisture jam

This can happen during winter and rainy seasons. Get rid of this by using a couple of silicone gel packs on the dashboard closer to the windshield.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Humi Pak now and place your order for best and affordable desiccants. Use them and keep your valuable products safe for years.

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