What is the difference between rattan and wicker furniture?

Rattan and wicker are two different terms but are generally considered the same, and most people used them interchangeably. For example, most people believerattan outdoor daybeds are similar to wicker daybeds. Therefore, we decided to develop a comparison article where we will discuss the difference between rattan and wicker furniture.

What’s rattan furniture?

Rattan is like a vine-like tree that mainly grows in Asia, Australia, and Africa; these are flexible and sturdy. To make use of rattan, manufacturers remove the peel of the rattan skin. Then they start weaving into various shapes. Also, the peeled and other parts of the plants are used in weaving and making other kinds of furniture. Its fibrous element, lightweight and durability feature make it one of the hot materials to build attractive outdoor furniture.

What’s wicker furniture?

Wicker is the method of weaving the furniture with the help of pliable plant material. The wicker style weave is commonly used for shaping up baskets and furniture, and it is closely related to Ancient Egypt. This technique has been running for several years and is still used in many pieces of furniture.

What is the difference between rattan and wicker furniture?

Versatility and durability

Rattan is a better material than wicker because it is durable and more versatile. The best thing about Rattan Corner Sofa Sets and rattan furniture is finding these in solid cores and natural colors. On the other hand, wicker furniture may or may not be versatile and durable because it is made from a combination of various materials. Therefore its build depends upon the manufactures and the materials they used in their build.

Fade in color

Many furniture can lose its color when sunlight contacts its surface. In this case, painted wicker furniture or wicker furniture with synthetic material can keep color. However, rattan gets an upper edge here as well because nowadays, PE rattan material is available. That is used in most rattan furniture, such as a 6 seater rattan dining set with parasols. And this rattan garden furniture does not fade when exposed to sunlight.

Used material

Rattan is a high-quality material for outdoor furniture and helps in building sturdy and stylish furniture. Therefore nowadays there is a wide range of rattan furniture available. Wicker is not the material; it is a technique that uses multiple materials together, such as rush, willow, and many other materials. So, rattan furniture is getting an upper edge here as well because it is made up of one material which is good in terms of quality.

Cleaning effort

Rattan furniture is easy to clean and maintain because most of them come with rust-free, dust-free, and waterproof layers. That helps maintain the furniture you may miss in wicker furniture. The reason is, wicker includes a variety of materials that may or may not be waterproof and offer such helpful features to its user. Therefore, you should get the Rattan Dining Sets and other rattan sets if you are not willing to clean the furniture you will use.

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