What is Pooja ? Importance of Pooja in Hinduism

Pooja or Puja is a devotional act that is exhibited by Hindus. It is an act of showing reverence to one or more deities.

The devotees make a spiritual connection with the god by praying, singing hymns, offering gifts, fruits, sweets, flowers, garlands, etc.

The daily puja is a ritualistic, religious and cultural ritual (Pūjā) performed in many places such as homes, temples, and holy places.

Special Pooja is conducted with great joy and excitement on festivals, Lakshmi Pooja on Diwali, Durga Pooja on Dussera, and Ganesha Pooja on Ganesh Chathurthi

In other cases, puja is held to celebrate a few lifetime events such as birth of a baby, marriage, house-warming, or to begin a new venture or journey.

Pooja Samagri, Pooja Items Used :

For all these pooja ceremonies, the following Pooja items were used: Flowers, rice, incense sticks, kum kum, Haldi, Sandalwood paste, Pooja Bells, choupala, etc.

Diyas or oil lamps are used as the source of light and decoration for Hindu religious practises. Pooja baskets carry pooja (praying) essentials to the temple. All of these items and more are available at Ashtok.

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1. Pooja Thali Set :

Pooja thali Set, made up of German Silver that contains one Pooja plate, one aarti diya and one of each of the following: spoon, bell, sindoor boxes, oil lamp, and one diya.’

This Beautiful Pooja Thali has all the essentials of Pooja, and is ideal for use during special poojas or on other occasions like rituals, weddings etc.

2. Brass Meenakari Pooja Plates:

A Pooja plate made up of Brass is engraved with Meenakari work having symbols like Shubh (Good fortune), Labh (Long life), Om (God bless you) and Swastik (the sacred symbol of the Hindus).

Meenkari is famous for the colored enamels that are used on metal objects. It is extensively used in Bridal Jewelry, where ornamental objects are coated with these enamels.

Meenakrai Pooja Thali can be used during Pooja occasions, for example weddings. Additionally, other varieties of Pooja plates, such as Copper Pooja Plates, Brass Pooja Plates are also offered at Parthpooja.

3. Brass Aarti Diyas:

The Diya or Oil Lamp has significance in rituals and ceremonies as it represents the light of the world and the holy fire of illumination.

Diyas are made up of brass, and they spread positive energy and create a peaceful ambience. These diyas not only have spiritual importance but also have useful value in home decor, pooja room decor, and temple decorations.

Varieties of Diyas include; Kapoor Aarti diya, Ganga Aarti Diya, Kuber Diya, Hanging Diyas.

4. Brass Pooja Bell :

The sound of the Horns is considered auspicious, which welcomes Divinity and disperses evil.

Brass bells are often used in pooja or other Hindu rituals. They are painstakingly hand carved with fine details and good quality brass material provides protection against easy breakage.

5. Copper Hawan Kund:

Hawaan Kund is a Hindu practice, which is mainly used for Yajna, Graha Puja, Marriages, Birth ceremonies, Naming Ceremony, and in temples for pooja and other rituals.

Havan Kud is a place where offerings are made to Havan after being made at the temple’s center.

In the Fire of Hawan in the house, wood, dried fruits, natural herbs, ghee, and other elements are offered which purifies the air.

6. Choupala:

Choupala is mainly used for storing kumkum/sindoor, haldi in it and it is placed on the Pooja Plate on the day of Pooja to perform pooja.

Brass Choupala and German Silver Choupala are available at parthpooja.com

7. Kalash for Pooja:

Kalasha is a kind of pot that is used in religious ceremonies. Holy water is filled inside the kalasha and is dedicated to the sun. Many people perform pooja every day and offer this holy water to the sun.  “