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What Is A Webinar And How To Do It Easily

The webinar is one of the most fashionable elements of video marketing in recent months. Many brands have joined this trend and are making a lot of it.

And you, do you know what a webinar is? How to do it? Why should you do it? If the answer to all or any of the 3 questions is “no “, keep reading and we will tell you in detail each of the three points.

What is a webinar

A webinar is software that allows you to make your own online conference. In other words, it is the technology that allows you to make that presentation online for 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 people if you want.

Its operation is simple: one or more people are on the screen and make their presentation, while attendees can ask questions and interact with them in real time.

The webinar can be from a classic online presentation with the speaker sharing his screen with a Power Point to a round table of experts on a topic that answers questions from the attendees.

Why do a webinar?

A webinar is an excellent way to increase the trust of your target audience, position yourself as a brand or an expert on the subject and get in touch with your target for a period of time.

Have you ever gone to a face-to-face conference and been impressed? « My goodness, this company has to be very good because what they have said today has enchanted me. If they know so much, the work they have to do must be spectacular. If you said something like this, it is yes.

Well, that reaction is what you want with a webinar. And for you to understand, we will put a very simple practical case.

Imagine that you have a new marketing consultancy (social networks, positioning, branding,) and you want your company to start making itself known. To achieve this, you decide that you are going to do a webinar called “The 10 best ways to promote a local business on the Internet “.

You promote that webinar with a small video through Facebook Ads, getting 100 attendees to sign up or hire any post video production studio in Dubai media city. To begin with, those 100 attendees will have given some information in return and, at least, you will have the email of 100 potential clients.

You give the webinar and, after doing it, you give away all the content in PDF and video so that attendees can review it and offer a 25% discount on your company’s services through video email marketing.

What do you think would be the result of such an action? With a minimal investment in Facebook Ads and in preparing the webinar, the worst that can happen is that 100 people have your company as an option for the future. And that is enough.

How to do a webinar

Doing a webinar is quite easy, since the steps to follow are not very complicated:


through an advertisement, an email to your database, social networks and any other way, you provide a unique and private page for anyone to register for the webinar. In exchange for the registration you can ask for the email and, depending on its value, even some other information.

Webinar preparation:

the webinar is prepared with content (PowerPoint or Prezi for example), speakers and guests. Depending on the type of webinar, you will have to do one thing or another.


on the agreed date and time, the webinar takes place as you had scheduled. It is important that at the end of it you allow attendees to ask questions, since you will encourage participation and brand recall.

Sending the webinar and additional gifts:  

after the end of the webinar, it is sent to all those registered (whether they have attended it or not) with an additional gift (PDF guide, video tutorial, discounts…) to give the final touch.

On the other hand, to do the webinar you will need the appropriate software. From Visual Service we recommend using one of the following 2:

Google Hangouts:  

the best free option. It is not as professional as GoToWebinar or WebEx, but for a certain number of attendees and starting to test this strategy goes very well. Of course, you will have to record the Webinar in an alternative way (we recommend Camtasia to do it), since Hangout does not allow it.


it is the most used in almost all over the world and for € 89 you can organize a webinar for up to 100 people (there are higher plans for a greater number of attendees). Very professional, in HD, with polls, surveys and the possibility of sending the webinar in HD afterwards.

Do you dare to do your first webinar?

The webinar is an inexpensive tool and it can give you a great leap in notoriety as a company or freelance.

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