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Which Storage Unit Size is Best for You?

Self-storage units are available in a plethora of sizes – ranging from small lockers to spacious units as big as king-sized bedrooms. A basic selection criterion includes your need and budget. Yet you may find it difficult to choose to know both. Here is a small guide on how to make your final decision:

Make a List of Items that You Intend to Store

The most effective manner of deciding on the space you need is by making a list of items. It can be a single car or an array of wholesale products that you intend to sell later. Having a list in hand, not only makes it easier to select a storage unit but also helps arrange them better inside.

Know What You Intend to do with the Unit

Knowing how long you would want your items stored may be overlooked by most people. But it is a plus when it comes to storing more goods. If you are simply keeping your items temporarily for a move, then you can utilize the entire space of a 10 x 30 storage unit. But if you are intending on storing your off-season and recreational items, then a smaller unit can be utilized but with space for you to walk in from the door to the end of the unit. This will allow you to easily retrieve an item at the back without taking out all the items in front – unlike the former where spaces will be more packed.    

Set a Budget

Storage units in Canada work on rentals – thus, the bigger the unit the higher the rent. That is why when picking a space, you must be aware of your designated budget. This will help you make a better choice of picking a self-storage unit perfect for your needs.  

Choose Your Required Period

If your storage items are time-dependent, then going fairly beyond your budget is not a problem. You can opt for bigger units where your items will be safe and secure – plus, fragile items can be easily accommodated without the fear of damaging them in a packed space.

Standard Storage Unit Sizes

5×5 (25 square feet)

The smallest unit can hold five to ten standard-sized boxes. It is approximately the size of a closet. And can be used to store recreational items, gardening tools, and small boxes.

5×10 (50 square feet)

Smaller easily portable furniture like lamps, television, and chairs can be stored in this mid-bedroom sized room. Off-season items, recreational equipment as well as small-sized furniture can be placed here. You can keep your bar-b-que grill and lawn chairs and easily pull them out to arrange a fun family gathering.

10×10 (100 square feet)

As big as a bedroom – you can practically shift a big room’s furniture easily inside this one. The high ceiling allows more stacking space as well.

10×15 (150 square feet)

Motorcycles, bicycles, skiing, and connoting equipment can easily be placed here. Higher dressers and refrigerators can also be conveniently kept. Moreover, the standard ten to twenty boxes can also be accommodated – all the while, allowing enough space to move around.

10×20 (200 square feet)

A 2 to 3-bedroom storage size can easily fit smaller vehicles, more mattresses, and bigger furniture – including sofas and dressers. Your business warehouse can easily be established here. Export goods, sample designs, and wholesale items can be stored in this spacious, temperature-controlled storage space!

10×30 (300 square feet)

As big as a four-bedroom, this unit can store an entire car, boats, and even trailers. Water tanks, heavy-duty appliances, mattresses. Anything too big to fit inside your home.

In conclusion, storage spaces are a quick and easy way of making your life clutter-free. These can help you in several different ways. And the convenience of having them in several different sizes opens up more options! These units are immune to changes by the climate, pests’ destruction, and theft. On top of that, they are pretty cheap! You can use them according to your need or simply as an outlet for your hobbies – two interesting uses of storage spaces are for collecting books or your very own ammunition den – for the inevitable zombie apocalypse of course!

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