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Who are special children how they can overcome from this autism?

Special needs children are those children who need a more attention in comparison with normal children. Most of the cases special needs children have a brain injury before birth and sometimes after birth. Those parents who have a child suffering from a brain injury, they got some tax benefits as well as some deductions, because they are providing better attention for their Childs.  

Those children who are suffering from a brain injury they have suffering from two affects like they have a problem with incoming (sensory pathways) or outgoing problem (motor pathways) or they are suffering from both. When a person cannot feel that what are going on around him like what are the noise coming, they cannot feel properly and not giving any response like a normal child. Brain injury children not perform all the functional properly they are blind, paralyzed, more of that they are speechless.

Special needs children need a special treatment for his or her better future. They need a proper treatment like many of the parents are thinking that there child can grow with the medicine but after sometime they not see an improvement in there Childs. There are many treatment center are available in the world but there are some known center who provide best treatment to the children with modern technology like iiahp. For the better growth of special children they need a proper therapy with nutrition’s. The entire therapist makes some schedule for every child because all the children are not suffering from a same autism every child have a different autism.

How you can define your children category?

This is an important question for all the parents how they can define whether there child belong to the category of special children or not. Suppose your child have a 3 years age and your child not at all listening to your voice or whatever situation are happening in around him they are not responding for any of the situation. Then you have to take your child for the assessment test. This is a small test in which therapist analyzes your child like playing natural games or testing with some noise they are performing or not. After analyzation they prepare a report for your child in which they can tell about what are the problems your child have. Then you have a option whether you can treat your child with medicine or you can go for some special children treatment center.

What are the main causes of special needs children? 

There are many factors for the special needs children like brain damage is a most important factor in which your child is not responding properly and birth injury, some of the injury before birth and some of the after birth and some of the children have slight learning disabilities.

  1. Severe to ill health
  2. Rigidity
  3. Smelling and tasting inadequate
  4. Unusual screaming

What parents have to do for their Childs?

There are many parents who have to need a educate themselves they are just dropping their sweet child. Because they don’t know a proper way, how they can tackle with this problem and how their child are overcome from these stages. All the children are looking simple but they have a strange behavior, but if they got a better and regular treatment they also can live a proper normal life as comparisons with other children. And if all the children parents can support their child and follow all the proper instructions given by the therapist, they can see that there child are improving daily and in the future they can behave like a normal children.

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