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Sober Living Homes

Why Sober Living Homes are significant for Healthy Life?

The period of transitioning back to the community after being in a rehabilitation center is quite hard. However, dealing with this tough period of time in a safe environment surrounded by people who are in the same boat as you, may make this a little easier. 

Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes are a setting for people who are in the process of recovery, and it is free of alcohol and drugs. The house requires each individual to pay the cost of living like rent and help in maintaining the house by doing chores. 

Sober living houses are usually managed by a resident manager who can enforce rules, or there is another type of sober living home where each individual is free to make their own decision. However, the rules set should not be compromised and must be followed by anyone wanting to live in the house. 

The rules are meant to be for the welfare of the recovering individuals and so to stay in the setting you must follow the rules.

There are many sober living homes that big businesses or religious people own. But there is a majority of private ones. Amidah House is a great example of such sober living homes. 

Who Sober Living Homes are for?

Majority of sober houses do not have any limitations or restrictions on who lives in the house. Still, a majority of them also want you to have some sort of prior rehab experience. 

In some of these houses, it is required that you are actively taking part in the recovery process and still under treatment. Having a positive and determined mentality towards recovery helps the most in recovery. Some houses may also require you to follow through a 12-step program first. 

How is it Helpful?

Sober living homes provide you with a stable and safe environment to live in. People who do not have a stable home life are seen to face more difficulty in the recovery. So, during this period, if they are not living away from such a toxic environment, they may find it tougher to stay sober or relapse. 

Sober living home is for such individuals who have a positive and determined outlook towards the recovering process. If someone is not determined to be fully recovered, they cannot benefit from sober living homes.

Sober living homes also provide you with an environment that is surrounded by people like you. In such an environment where you can share your experiences and gather courage by looking at other people’s journey, you are bound to thrive. 

What would it Cost to Live in a Sober Living Home?

There is a difference in each set, but if we look at it as a whole, we can say that the cost is less than a residential treatment center and close to the rent of an apartment that has a moderate price range. 

Majority of sober living homes do not charge you for essential utilities like electricity, water, etc. but if you are not using everything in moderation, then you will be told off. 

How do I know if Sober Living Home is Right for me?

Sober living home is like a mediator between you and the community. People who are done with their out-patient or in-patient treatment are encouraged to live in sober living homes. 

Living in such a place would provide you with great support that would help you in staying determined along your path. It is going to give your life a good structure that would support your new lifestyle. 

Studies show that people who were surrounded by recovering alcoholics or users had a better result than those who weren’t. Having a stable and safe environment during your recovery is essential because that period is pretty sensitive. 

For How Long I Will be in a Sober Living Home?

The time period of your stay depends entirely on your recovery process. You should stay as long as you want to; any part of your recovery should not be rushed as it may result in bad results. Sober Living Homes usually do not restrict your stay, but some do. 

Make sure that when you are finding a place for yourself, it does not limit or restrict your stay. 

Are Visitors Allowed in Sober Living Home?

There is no fixed policy about visitors that every sober living home follows. However, there maybe a few rules regarding it. This is all done to be considerate towards others living in the same place as you, and your visitors shouldn’t disturb them or your recovery process. Sober living homes are for people in recovery, and so, you must have supportive people in your life during this tough journey. 

Some rules include a time maybe set for visiting, and there may be a limit on how many people can visit you and for how many times they can visit you. 

As you live in this home, you are going to share the place with other recovering people, and so friendship is always encouraged. Having an understanding of a friend or relatives is essential. Your fellows who are recovering with you may form a special bond with you and which may help both of you along this challenging path. 

Can I get a Job Living in the Sober Homes?

Living in a sober home is a step towards recovery. It means it encourages anything that has to do with returning to a healthy and happy sober life. Having a job is going to bring stability in your life, and so these homes encourage getting a job. They also help people get a job. 

Sober living homes help you become independent in your life in terms of every aspect. A job is also going to provide you a sense of security and independence. 

Many people across the country prefer living in sober homes as they find themselves getting a stable, secure, and safe environment for recovery. 

Author Bio: 

Graduated from the school of psychology. Currently working for a sober living facility by the name Amidah House, as an assistant. Always have my keen interest in the behavioral reality of human minds.

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