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YouTube marketing strategy – 4 tips to get started

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YouTube marketing strategy

YouTube is now one of the most actively used social platforms; this is proven by numerous studies and surveys. Almost a third of all Internet users worldwide use YouTube. To top this number: That is a total of one billion hours of playback time , which are created daily by the videos. This enormous reach alone is reason enough for a company to deal more closely with the topic of online marketing on the video platform. With the rapidly growing useful life, the requirements for a qualitative and attractive appearance for companies also increase. In order to prevail against the competition, the platform must be viewed strategically and become a natural part of the marketing mix.

Where many companies (B2C and B2B) have already succeeded in establishing a strong YouTube channel, there is still a lot of catching up to do for many other companies.

YouTube Marketing: Start with these four tips

In order to use the video search engine optimally, companies should be aware that it will hardly be possible without proper planning. The start of a remarkable YouTube presence should not start without a plan, but should be structured in a structured manner in intermediate steps. The following four tips should help:

1. Analyze competition and define your own goals

Before you start creating your own marketing content, you should get an overview of which companies are already (successfully) active on YouTube. Extensive research on existing videos from the competition help enormously. Marketers should ask themselves the following questions:

  • What kind of videos are used (image film, product video, explanatory video, interview, webinar, reportage, entertaining viral video, recruiting video …)?
  • Which videos have the most views ?
  • Which videos have the most interactions (likes, comments)?

After an overview of what factors make the competition’s channels successful on YouTube, you should start thinking about what your own business goals are. Here it helps to use key figures and to define them with one goal (e.g. 100 subscribers or 5000 total video views within the next 6 months).

Tip: In order to generate sustainable content that also fits the overall marketing strategy, the video content should be split into categories (events, companies, products, stories). These can also be thematically assigned in the channel in playlists. In this way, you can structure your own YouTube channel and time can be devoted equally to each category.

2. YouTube SEO – optimize your own YouTube channel

In order for your YouTube presence to be round and authentic, the visual design is an important first step. The appearance of the canal must be complete and clean. It is imperative to maintain a profile and title (header) image that fits the company. The profile picture can confidently be the company logo here. A meaningful, qualitative picture should be selected in the header.

Also of great importance is the trailer on the main page of the channel. This is displayed to “non-subscribers” when you click on the channel and is played automatically. This opportunity must be used to show the user in a short and entertaining way what the company is all about and what can be expected on the channel. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask the user to subscribe. If a separate trailer has not yet been produced, companies should initially use the most popular video as a trailer.

Since YouTube is a search engine, similar rules apply as for the well-known search engine optimization . The channel description should contain the most important keywords for the company. Links to other social media or your own website in the video descriptions and the use of tags are also important. Incidentally, the optimization starts with the file name of the video. The most important key word should already be included here. In general: The more “YouTube SEO” the channel and the videos are optimized, the better the ranking for relevant search queries (both in YouTube and in Google search queries!).

3. Provide qualitative and relevant videos

In order for the video to be found for relevant search terms, the most important keywords must appear in the title of the video. This enables the user to recognize directly whether it is relevant or not. Of course, the title of the video should reflect exactly what can be seen in the video. If false expectations are awakened by the user, the dropout rate increases. The video is gradually downgraded by YouTube. In addition, the first ten seconds of a video should be made so interesting that users don’t click away bored.

Another important factor for qualitative and relevant content are the so-called thumbnails . These are the preview images, which offer a brief insight into the video in the YouTube search results and, at best, should arouse direct interest. Here you should think about attractive thumbnails and create them individually before YouTube automatically uses a freely selected image section from the video as a thumbnail. Specially created thumbnails can also be enriched with a few keywords.

The most underrated feature on YouTube is probably the subtitles . Not long ago, YouTube has been offering this option (via the YouTube Creator Studio ). This feature seems inconspicuous, but it does lead to higher views. But that’s not the only advantage: Many users watch videos in public places where the sound of a video would disturb. However, if the YouTube video enables subtitles, users can watch the videos regardless of their location. There is also an offer for hearing impaired or deaf people.

4. Build community and be active

What would YouTube channels be without an active and interested community? Every company should be very aware of its target group (or buyer persona) and align the content of the videos with them. Videos should then be produced and uploaded at a regular frequency, so that users who are becoming more and more demanding will feel the need to subscribe to the channel. Regularity is the key to sustainable loyalty! Of course, the videos must always offer added value for the users (e.g. emotional or informative).

For companies, the following applies: In the best case, an authentic and camera-savvy employee should be chosen who plays the “main role” or is the moderator for certain formats. This enables companies to achieve brand recognition. The company, which until now has not been tangible, has a face, which is an important psychological aspect for viewers.

Finally, the videos should of course always be shared diligently on other social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.). It has also proven useful to include videos on the company website.

YouTube marketing in B2B

A still controversial topic is YouTube marketing in B2B . Should B2B companies be active in YouTube marketing or not? Of course there is no general right or wrong answer here. According to Statista, 70% of 30 to 44 year olds use YouTube. Approximately half of the 45- to 55-year-olds even stated that they used the video search engine regularly. In general, this should be an important signal for companies in B2B. YouTube is no longer just the platform for young people.

Companies in B2B primarily have to ask themselves whether their product or service offers enough input for an active and creative YouTube channel. The effort to set up an entire channel would not be worth it if it is clear from the start that, for example, there will only be a video about the company presentation. If the goal is to be close to the customer and to let users participate in the company, the processes and products / services, there is nothing standing in the way of a YouTube channel. Precisely because it is not a matter of course to use the reach and impact of YouTube in B2B, these companies should be even more concerned about whether they should jump on the video marketing bandwagon.

Advertising on YouTube

If companies have already set up a YouTube channel properly, filled it with quality content and successfully manage it, YouTube advertising can be an important boost for online marketing. Marketing via video has been shown to have a huge impact on viewers. Moving images are becoming the focus of branding. There are numerous advertising options and formats on YouTube. About Google AdWordsvideo ads can be set up specifically for YouTube (either display the video for website visitors with remarketing lists or make new users aware of the company through the detailed Google targeting options). Depending on the budget, the advertising message is played out by a large number of YouTube users. A big advantage is that costs only arise if users finish the video or longer than 30 seconds have viewed (whichever comes first). Furthermore, the number of views collected by video advertising is added to the total number of video views. This has a positive effect on the organic visibility of the video. Likewise, a video with a higher number of views is more qualitative and relevant for users. Video advertising on YouTube is a very effective and timely approach to disseminating important marketing messages.

Work before pleasure

We don’t want to withhold this prime example of a successful company presentation. This happens when informative creativity meets good humor. A must-see:

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