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In this pandemic, 11 plus can score your kid a place in your chosen grammar school

Is the thought of “how your kid will make to a grammar school” worrying you? Does your kid have a little weak grip on English and Math? With the outbreak of the coronavirus the whole system has been disturbed, parents are working from home while schools are closed. Are you as a parent going through the same pressure? With all the daily house chores, work from home, buying groceries, looking after children, and helping them in online classes. Isn’t it too much to absorb? And then there are parents like you whose children have to get admission to grammar schools. Well, stop stressing as 11+ tutors near me can cut down the grammar school preparation from your long to-do list. Not only will it encourage your child to learn through fun activities which will include 11 plus preparation but also brings out their maximum productivity.

How do they make your child successful?

The factor that brightens up a child’s performance is confidence. You can enhance confidence in a child’s personality by positive reinforcement and developing healthy self-esteem. 11+ tutors near me instill the desire and willingness to succeed and surpass all hurdles. Motivation is what keeps the children going. In the 11 plus journey, the tutors help to identify the strength and weaknesses of a child and then go about working on them accordingly to get positive outcomes.

11+ tutors near me help your child practice standard format and MCQs

Everywhere all exams are based on the two styles of questions, so it is best and effective to make children familiar with it so that they don’t get confused in the exam. Some 11 plus exams use multiple choice questions while others use standard format or a mix of both. Most parents make the mistake of making their children practice more standard format questions in the hope that their child will find MCQs easy. Sadly this is not true always as MCQs can be very tricky.

Studying can be made fun 

Children are children, we can’t put too much pressure on them. Sometimes the best strategy is to make them learn when they don’t realize that they are learning. Learning fun for kids through positive games and challenges is what keeps their interest intact. A quick tip for you, put reminders, notes with buzz words, and flashcards with formulas around the house to help your kid remember important pieces of information. 

The 11 plus preparation is based on group teaching 

The teaching style that is followed by 11+ tutors near me is the group teaching, in this format, a small group of children is made in which they are encouraged to enjoy and experience a new teaching environment. The main purpose of this teaching style is to get your kid through the difficult grammar school test in a first go. The center is designed in a way to bring out the positives from children through attractive and vibrant colors.

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