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4 Super Valentine’s Day Flower Ideas

Walk around Chennai on the 14th of February every year and you might mistake the city for a flower farm. That should not come as a surprise. The day is after all, marked worldwide as the D-Day for lovers. But that’s not what makes Valentine’s Day special in Chennai. It is rather how couples here celebrate the day. Some choose to give each other flowers as the tradition has been for decades. Others choose to surprise each other with fancy dinner dates. Better still, others choose to take their lovers out of the city for a while.  For the simple, laid back couples, the best option is always the flower. To them, you can never go wrong with a bouquet. So just how should one go about it? Which types of flowers should one consider? Read on to find out. 

Valentine’s Roses

It is easy to understand why roses are so popular when it comes to Valentine’s Day. A rose anywhere in the world is always a symbol of love. It gets better with the fact that they come along with a pleasing aroma. Unfortunately for many, the red rose is the only symbol of love they know as far as love matters are concerned. You don’t have to follow the bandwagon.  With more than 150 varieties of roses, you certainly will not miss a rose that will impress your loved one. 


Carnations are ruffly, sweet scented blossoms right after red roses in popularity as ideal Valentine’s Day gifts. Their feminine appearance makes them adorable. Then there is the fact that they are affordable. For those who love colors and variety, carnations are ideal. They come in a wide range of colors and bouquets of different sizes. The icing on the cake is the fact that carnations last longer than roses. In other words, they take weeks to wither. 

Valentine’s Lilies

With colors such as white, pink, red and orange, impressing your loved one should be a downhill task. It is in fact one of the best choices for anyone with a rare taste. So if your significant other has a peculiar taste of flowers Valentine’s Lillie will come in handy. 

Peruvian Lily

Otherwise known as Lily of the incas, the Peruvian lily is just as good as a rose. They also stand out as perfect Valentines day Flowers to Chennai. They are impressive buds that are not just ideal for valentines but also for arranging bouquets. They easily blend with pink and red roses. For those who do not like roses, Peruvian Lilies are also ideal for mixing with waxflower  and lavender. What makes them special though is not even their appearance. Peruvian lilies are a symbol of devotion. So if you want to give your lover a hint of how much you are devoted to your relationship, the Peruvian Lily is the way to go.

Other flowers

It is all about being creative to impress your significant other. So step off the comfort zone and think outside the box. Go for tulips, daisies and daffodils if you have to. In a nutshell, do not let the day go without surprising your lover with a flower.

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