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10 Must-Know Invisalign Tips

The journey for straighter teeth involves getting metal braces. But, some people might not opt for them as it causes damage to soft tissues and is not comfortable. Resisting treatments also result in suffering from the repercussion of gaps, improper bites, and crooked teeth. While escape from this conundrum seemed implausible years ago, recent advancements in dentistry lead to the creation of Invisalign. It is a set of clear aligners used as an alternative for conventional metal braces. This tray offers many benefits in addition to eliminating some disadvantages associated with other options. So, for any individual looking to get Invisalign, these are some essential tips to know.

1. 20 Hours a Day 

The consideration involved with this clear aligner is its wearing time. Patients need to wear this tray for 20 hours a day to get the best results. It means adjusting their lifestyle for this treatment, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking hours. Anyone not ready for this commitment might need to rethink their options.

2. Adjusting to Speech

Although this tray is invisible, it needs some time to adapt to talking. People may experience some lisping while talking with Invisalign, but it is only transient and will fade away after some time. Still, it needs the practice to gain fluency in speech.

3. Help of Chewies 

There is a tool that helps to improve the fit of aligners known as Chewies. These are small cylinders made from Styrene copolymer that people can chew for five minutes to attain a perfect fit. Improving the position of this device enhances its ability to correct teeth placements.

4. Maintain a Brush 

Although these are removable, these trays create a warm space around teeth, which is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. So, remember to brush after every meal, as there will be no saliva to clean around the enamel.

5. A Big No For Toothpaste 

As these aligners are made from soft plastic, cleaning them with toothpaste can damage them, as they contain abrasive minerals meant to remove plaque. Instead, individuals can use soft detergents or soap to clean stains and avoid odors.

6. Main Obstacle 

A common complaint about metals braces is that they are painful. But, Invisalign is painless, as there are no metal parts or wires that can damage soft tissues. The exterior of these trays is designed smoothly to augment convenience during mouth movement, such as talking.

7. A Set Every Two Weeks 

In order to improve the straightening process, it is essential to replace the older trays with a new set. This replaced aligner will be slightly narrower, and such a feature helps to accelerate the process further. Orthodontists can also facilitate little attachments, which act as ridges to support a clear brace.

8. Extensive Attention to Oral Health

As cited earlier, patients need to brush after every meal. In addition to this, they also need some consideration in their oral health. Unclean trays promote bacterial growth leading to infections or decays. So, administrating a regular hygiene routine will help to eliminate such occurrences.

9. Case for Safety 

While not an absolute necessity, it’s best to carry a case for your Invisalign when traveling or commuting. It also helps to keep the aligners clean and devoid of any stains, in addition to improving safety. 

10. It’s Worth It  

As an understatement, Invisalign is worth the efforts it involves. People can enjoy the aesthetic & functional benefits of straighter teeth without the complications of metal braces. It also promotes ideal oral health & hygiene and certainly deserves a try.  Need more tips? Contact our Portland Invisalign experts.

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