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Invisible Braces Cost

What Are The Factors Influencing Invisible Braces Cost?

Invisible braces are the revolutionary treatment in the world of orthodontic offering comfortable and discreet teeth straightening option. But often people drop down the idea of getting their teeth straight because of high cost. If you are willing to perform invisible braces in Wimbledon and wonder about factors contributing to it then you are at the right place. This blog entails the aspects impacting the cost of teeth straightening treatment in a detailed manner. Read on to know them. 

Complexity of the condition

The crookedness of the teeth can incur the high cost of orthodontic treatment! Severity of the condition is a pivotal aspect for increasing the total price. As complex condition includes overcrowding, bite issues and severe misalignment, additional time, effort and resources become necessary to treat the condition.

Duration of the treatment

When you are looking for a ‘clinic for invisible aligner near me’ online remember the duration of procedure is a contributing aspect for the cost. Extended treatments need more adjustments and aligners that increase the price in the end. However, in orthodontic the dentist will determine the time period of the treatment for the individual condition and you need to pay accordingly.

Aligners’ number

Invisible brace treatment comprises of a set of aligners to shift the teeth position gradually. The number of aligners need to treat the condition of a patient is directly proportional to the cost. For extensive treatment more numbers of aligner may require which in turn will spike up the total expense of the treatment. 

Experience of the orthodontist

Expertise and experience of your orthodontist can contribute to the cost too. If you are looking for a ‘skilled dentist for invisible braces near me’ online then be ready to pay a good sum of money for the treatment. Basically, their reputation and record for successful outcomes heighten the fees.

Sometimes, you may feel tempting to choose affordable providers but not all give the quality of work that you deserve. Hence it is always better for prioritising the reliability and quality of orthodontic procedure.

Geographic location

Location plays an integral role in determining the cost of invisible brace. Due to the high living cost in cities dental procedures are available at high rates. However, you can look for some clinics where you can get quality service at affordable costs. Many clinics have flexible payment and financial plans as well to make accessible to the patients.

Additional dental works

Sometimes, you may need additional dental treatment before undergoing teeth alignment procedure. Such procedures like dental attachment or extraction of tooth can spike up the total expense. When you visit the Invisalign dentist in Wimbledon they will figure out the specific requirements and suggest you accordingly.

Phase of retention

On completion of the Invisalign procedure, you have to undergo the very important retention phase. It helps in retaining the achieved result in the long run. During this period, you have to put on the retainers provided by the dentist to hold on the new positions of the teeth. Definitely, it will contribute to the full expense of the treatment.

Follow up appointments

Search for a reliable ‘dentist of clear aligners near me’ online as you need to go for follow up appointments during the treatment. It is necessary to monitor the progress and do important adjustments. Also, your orthodontist can ensure you that treatment is in progress and working effectively. However, the frequency of appointments and additional works will sum up the total cost of the treatment.

Technology and amenities of the clinic

The dental clinics with latest technologies and advanced amenities will charge high fee for the treatment. Multiple modern conveniences such as digital scanning technology and state-of-the-art facilities improve patient experience. Although it may spike up the cost yet offers efficiency and comfort throughout the treatment period.  

Payment and finance options

Most dental clinics offer flexible payment and finance options these days. Through this initiative, they try to make the treatment quite affordable and accessible. With this, you can get interest-free finance and monthly instalment plans to split and pay the bill.

Sometimes, you can get third-party financing service at the same time. Consulting about the price with the dentist of invisible braces in London will incorporate you for better treatment cost management.  

Long-term benefits

You may find the invisalign cost quite significant yet you must ponder on its long-term benefits. Straight teeth promote oral health, enabling you to floss and brush quite efficiently while defining the facial profile remarkably. Moreover, a beautiful and straight smile impacts the self-esteem level positively.


If you are planning to undergo clear braces in Wimbledon it is imperative to consider the above-mentioned aspects. Prior to make the decision, you need to consult with an experienced orthodontist for obtaining personalised treatment plan. By then you can have better clarity on associated costs too.

You can arrange an appointment with the orthodontist of Wimbledon Confidental Dentist. They deliver outstanding teeth straightening treatment to the patients out there. Moreover, they take the patients through the treatment procedure, addressing the concerns providing customised plan. Get in touch today!