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7 Tips for Boosting Your Blog on Social Platforms

When seeking advice from web experts, marketers, or bloggers on promoting blogs through social media, they frequently suggest sharing them on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. However, that’s merely scratching the surface.

For those seeking to distinguish themselves and surpass the norm, continue reading. Here are some outstanding tips to elevate your blog’s presence on social media.

First, make your blog content really shareable. Use catchy headlines, great visuals, and easy-to-read stuff.

Next, look beyond the usual social sites. Try niche platforms that fit your blog’s topic.

Mix up your content. Don’t just do text. Try videos, images, or podcasts.

Engage with your audience. Answer comments and join discussions.

Partner up with influencers in your field. It can help get your blog noticed by more people.

By following these tips, you can make your blog a hit on social media and reach a bigger crowd.

Compelling/Valuable/Startling Content

This advice isn’t directly about social media marketing, but it’s the crucial starting point that lays the foundation for all other strategies mentioned here today.

Your social media audience craves content that enhances their image, making them appear sophisticated and in-the-know. Put simply, they won’t share just ANY content.

Therefore, your content must be captivating and valuable, offering unique insights seldom found elsewhere. Even if similar content exists elsewhere online, your presentation must captivate your social media-savvy readers.

In addition to your blog post’s substance, attention-grabbing titles and images will draw in readers. Let’s delve into these two aspects of content creation. smm panel

Captivating Headlines

Imagine you’ve crafted a post titled “10 Things You Must Ask Your SEO Agency.” It sounds informative, but does it really grab your attention? Let’s ponder on that.

Now, consider renaming the same post to “10 Things Your SEO Agency Is Not Telling You.”

Does this title intrigue you more? It likely does, right?

A subtle shift in the tone and style of your post titles can enhance their appeal. This is crucial because your blog’s email or RSS feed subscribers may also follow other blogs in your niche. With their feeds and inboxes flooded with content, a creative title could prevent your post from being overlooked.

Visualise a sample screenshot of blog titles displayed in a feed reader. Interestingly, all the titles shown are enticing enough to tempt readers to click. Eventually, if the content proves engaging, they’ll likely share it with others.


Social platforms love visually attractive content that is colourful and grabs attention. Without a unique or attention-grabbing opening image on your blog, such as what we have on WooRank, or even without any image at all, people might be less likely to share it. Instead of delving further into this aspect, why not explore our own blog to see how we leverage images?

To assist you, there are free tools available for crafting blog graphics, such as Canva. Additionally, you can share infographics, which visually represent the content. You can find free tools for creating infographics in our previous post on the subject.

Blend Social Media Into Your Blog

By blending social media into your blog, we mean connecting popular social platforms with your content seamlessly. Visitors to your blog should find it easy to engage with your content and share it through integrated social media features.

These integration elements might include social media buttons for easy engagement (like Facebook likes or Twitter follows), share buttons to facilitate content sharing, and social media logins for commenting on your blog, among others.

Here are some quick pointers on incorporating social media share buttons into your posts.

Some blogs tend to overload with seven or eight social media buttons. Ensure you have a substantial audience on social platforms (besides the usual Twitter and Facebook) to justify each button’s inclusion. download youtube playlist

Overcrowding with social media share buttons could discourage readers and impact your social shares. Additionally, unnecessary social media widgets might slow down your page loading speed.

Spread Your Blog Across Your Social Media Profiles

If visitors aren’t coming to your website, take your content to them instead. If guests aren’t arriving at your site, carry your content to them instead. Distribute your blog entries on as numerous social media platforms as you can. You’re presumably already doing this, as it’s not excessively intricate.However, ensuring a few key elements are in place can enhance your efforts:


Distribute posts at a steady pace. Avoid sharing them all simultaneously for one week and then disappearing the next. To ensure you uphold regularity in sharing your content on social media platforms, utilise scheduling tools like Hootsuite and SproutSocial.

Automate on WordPress:

If you manage a WordPress Blog, you can utilise the Publicise plugin to automatically dispatch your freshly published posts to your social media pages.

Optimal Time for Posting

When posting updates about your blog on Twitter, determine the best time to post them using the Tweroid tool, which is among the very helpful free Twitter marketing tools available. For Facebook, identify the best posting times using its own analytics tool, Facebook Insights.

For a scheduling tool that also provides optimal user-activity times for Twitter, consider using the buffer-followerwonk duo, which have been integrated to streamline social media posting on Twitter and make it more effective.

Visual Appeal of Post Updates

When sharing a blog post, whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, or a Google+ page, craft a personalised message about the post to encourage users to read it. Always remember to include a photo with the post, as most platforms (including LinkedIn and Google+) automatically showcase a thumbnail image from the post.

Additionally, Facebook automatically displays post images and allows you to select a different display photo from the one Facebook initially chooses.


In the modern digital world, using social media is essential to enhance your blog’s exposure and interaction. By following the seven strategies provided, such as creating captivating content, merging social features, and employing scheduling aids, you can successfully elevate your blog’s visibility and engage a larger audience across different social networks.