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Weight-Loss Myths

Busted: 4 Weight-Loss Myths You Need to Shed Now

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier now to look for advice when it comes to losing weight. Some evens sites can help you tailor your workout plans according to your health goals, be it to trim fat or tone your muscles.

But amid this sea of information, there are also a lot of misconceptions about weight loss too that you need to wary about. They can seriously derail your plans your fitness regimen or put you in a worse condition. So, if you want to be healthy and fit, you need to know which advice to follow and which are just lies.

It’s time to shed these myths now if you want to go further in your fitness goals. Here are some of the common weight loss misconceptions you need to avoid doing:

Fat makes you fat

Fat isn’t your enemy here. In fact, your body needs fat for essential fatty acids it cannot produce. Yes, it does add to your caloric intakes, but fat alone will not make you gain weight. The key here is to always keep a balanced diet. When making your Hong Kong weight loss meal plans, make sure to add good sources of fat like nuts, fish and olives.

Torch fat with more exercise or sweat it out      

While you need to incorporate exercise in your weight loss programme, you can’t rely on it alone. No matter how many times you work out during the day to compensate for all the junk food you ate the previous night, they will not be enough. You can’t out-exercise bad diet as you’re only overexerting yourself for nothing.

It’s also smart to spend less time in the sauna if you think it will help you lose body fat fast. What you’re losing actually is just water weight which you can easily gain back after a salty lunch or dinner. So, you can still enjoy steam rooms or sauna but don’t expect to make you slimmer any soon.

Results come fast

So you have been exercising for a few weeks now and you have faithfully followed your meal plans. You should be slimmer now, right? The truth is losing weight is much more complicated than that. There are several factors to consider like your metabolism, external stress factors as well as any underlying health issues. This means you may not see results that immediately.

This doesn’t mean though that you will not lose weight at all. You may just need more time to get noticeable results. The important thing is to continue doing your programme as faithfully as you can.

Take diet supplements

Diet pills are not quick fixes for weight loss. On the contrary, they are very risky, ineffective and may end up harming your health. It’s always better to lose weight by keeping an active lifestyle and keeping a healthy diet.

Losing weight is a dream for many. And life with many other life goals, you need to work hard for it. If you’re unsure how to start losing weight or what exercises to do, it’s best to talk to a nutritionist or doctor who can guide you better.

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