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couponing for beginners

How to Start Couponing for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide

Coupon codes and discount deals are great ways to save money on groceries or other items. Using them, you can decrease the amount of money you spend every month.

Meanwhile, it is an effective and efficient way to save money while shopping. Coupon codes and discount codes can be somewhat overwhelming and especially if you are new to use it.

There are several types of coupon codes from store to manufacturer, so you can use both offline and online places to explore.

Making it even more complex and confusing, some coupon policies are in place that makes it a little alarming to new customers.

But, once you get to know how to use these coupon codes and where to get these from, you can save more money easily.

That is the actual reason why we have this article concerning how to start using coupon codes for the beginners. This guide will take you through the beginning of the usage process to where to explore them and how to use them exactly maximizing the savings.

1. Gather your supplies

You might wonder how to start using coupon codes or couponing? So, the first step here is to get prepared. To be a successful coupon user, you need to be prepared and gather the supplies that will ultimately help you to organize the coupon codes.

Now, what supplies will you need for a coupon? Before you start, you have to make sure that you own the supplies, including a laptop to source the coupons, a printer to print them, a specific place to organize the coupons, a hole punch to add the coupons in a file, a pocket folder to place coupon booklets, a pair of scissors to cut multiple coupons, and at last, a storage box to store numerous coupons in an organized manner

All these are a one time purchase that you will need at the start of couponing and will pay off in the future. 

2. Explore your coupons

Now as you know what things you will require to start with couponing, it is the perfect time to explore and assemble your coupons. One of the huge issues here is that people will explore coupons without knowing where to explore.

So, with the couponing field, it is a crucial point to owe several places where you can source your coupons. If you will do this, you will more likely find the ones for stuff that you want to buy rather than using the coupon codes for the sake only. You can have an idea of how the coupon should be from the websites like,, etc.

Multiple places are there where you can explore coupon codes both online and offline. In the next point, we have discussed it.

3. Where to find coupons online and offline?

To find coupons offline, you can search out newspapers that are a good source of coupon codes, magazines that offer coupons specific to the audience, store flyers as well as bulleting boards, cardboard food packaging, fast food places, the phone book, and at the checkout.

And, to find coupons online, there are several websites available that provide the users with the coupon codes, discount codes, and the money-saving offers. You can prefer having a look at the store’s website like Walmart’s, restaurant websites like McDonald’s as well as Burger King, Clothing apparel, and departmental store website, and a part that, you can visit directly the manufacturers website. By visiting the sites, you can choose the best couponing website for you. Here some of them are,,, RedPlum, Groupon, Amazon, SlickDeals, etc.

4. Use the rebate and cashback offering apps or websites

If you want to be successful and the great couponer, then you should try checking out the apps and websites giving the rewards or cashback.

With such apps and website platforms, you can find several huge offers on certain things up to 2 to 15 percent. These websites also offer coupons and promo codes apart from the cashback only. What’s an excellent feature here is you can use these offers in combination with coupon codes. So, it ultimately saves you more.

This is yet another reason defining why you should prefer using cashback apps and websites. All the successful coupons recommend using them so as a beginner, you should give a try on it.

For some websites, you can redeem the offers after shopping but for others, you need to select the codes before heading to the store. Some of the best websites for rewards and cashback are Ibotta, Checkout51, eBates, Swagbucks, brandcouponmall, retailmenot, etc.

5. Sign up for emails and newsletters or mobile alerts

Some brands and retailers offer you exclusive and unique coupon codes as well as other discount codes on your email. Some also ask you to choose the mobile alert option to get the deals directly on your phone. Apart from these retailers, some websites that offer the coupon codes of these retailers also offer newsletters, email, and mobile alerts to their customers.

6. Explore Social Media

Yet another great platform to get the coupon codes online. It will compensate you will several codes of different brands and retailers. 

As there are many retailers, you can choose among that the finest one.

So, visit the profiles of each brand and retailers properly and explore the appropriate coupon codes you want.

Also, think for the brands from which you usually buy and do visit their social media profiles to see their coupon codes or deals.

7. Join the loyalty programs

Several stores offer rewards or can say loyalty programs to rewards their customers. You can join those programs to get rewards or cashback on your purchase. For some, you need to earn points to get the reward. Websites like and others offer loyalty programs that you can avail.

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