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8 successful coupon marketing campaign ideas

You might have known that personalization is paramount to successful coupon marketing or any sort of marketing. If you have heard and experienced, you might know that in these circumstances, personalization becomes mandatory and needs to be tackled properly.

But, does this mean that it is better to not use personalization?

Well, of course not as it is the key to success in marketing or coupon marketing. It is the thing that must be ensured with proper management of loss and privacy as well as the benefits that customers avail in the product exchange.

Also, regarding the relevant offers and deals, organizations must know their audience as to which clients want what that can save money?

So, it ultimately means that you should – 

  • Analyze your client’s spending habit
  • Examine the time when you get huge traffic so that you can establish the coupon
  • Always keep an eye on the dates like anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
  • At last, place the customers in an appropriate segment in the couponing system

The other equally important thing is to make your coupon a relevant one with a liable deal. It is to know exactly what type of services and products your customers usually purchase while shopping.

Coupon marketing campaign ideas –

Product specified campaigns

When a customer purchases a product for the very first time from your brand, then give them a coupon of 10 percent discount so that they will come to your brand next time for sure. They will also leave a positive review on the brand.

You must provide coupons like getting 20 percent off on three products, the discount of 10 dollars on the cart value of more than 100 dollars, send coupon by email to the customer buying product of a specific category, offer additional off coupon code for particular items, offer gift cards, and make the coupon for the expensive products.

Discount codes on signing-up

Send mail to your customers with a coupon or discount for their first-ever order. Also, when they will sign up for an account on the brand’s website, they will avail of the coupon code or the newsletter via the mail only. This type of coupon campaign grows the customer’s email listing. You can take examples from the popular couponing sites like,,, etc.

Seasonal couponing campaign

Always keep an eye on the customers’ anniversaries, birthdays, special days to send them wishes with the additional discount or coupon codes. You can send them the 50 percent off code to celebrate their day or on the sign-up date, and can also share the gift card saving them some money a week or two days before that day.

Gamified Coupon Experiences

Use banners or posters on your site that showcase the messages like a visit at least three times a week to redeem surprise coupons or an item as a gift. You can also prefer emailing this banner by asking a question about your brand and on that answer avail an offer of winning the reward when shared on social media. You can give a product or something unique and exclusive to them as a gift. At all, you need to modify the campaign in the game form.

Revenue-based coupon campaigns

Divide the base of your customers as per the revenue they bring to your brand or organization. You can create exclusive discounts, coupon codes, or gift cards for the ones responsible to bring the highest revenues to your organization.

Organize Flash-sales

You can organize sales by placing the coupon codes prevailing discount of at least 40 to 50 percent on your website’s landing page. It will enable customers to get a discount or save money within the next 12 hours or 24 hours. Some of the well-known websites concerning discount codes and promo codes offer these sale codes on their website like,,, etc. and you can promote these coupons of your brand with them.

Event-based coupon

Send exclusive coupon codes to the customers only if 

  • The customer pays in his first-ever order
  • A customer cancels his order
  • A customer updated the profile
  • A customer performed a custom event

Re-engagement coupon codes

Send at least one coupon code to the dormant customer and schedule the 2 to 3 automatic reminders for them like avail 20 percent off on the next order only if you will purchase within a limited period. When that coupon code doesn’t get used, remains unused, set the reminder to notify the user automatically.

So these were some of the best coupon marketing strategies that you can use to market your brand coupon to the customers.

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