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Luggage Disinfectant System

Vehant Technologies launches UVC Based Luggage Disinfectant System

Noida-based tech firm, Vehant Technologies has launched KritiScan UV-C based luggage disinfectant system which is completely clean and chemical-free. 

UV-C based Luggage Disinfected System introduces for Airport and Railway Stations 

A lot of researchers are trying hard on different aspects like vaccine development, disease treatment and detection in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. Airports, railway stations and various public places are known to have great passenger traffic after lockdown. According to several studies, the viral particles of COVID-19 can stay even longer for around 3 days on non-living surfaces. With the relaxation of existing lockdown issues, there is still a risk of having a second wave of infections because of significant rise in traffic. With increased attention on wearing face masks and practicing social distancing to control the spread of infection, it is really very vital to control the spread of infection through packages and passenger luggage at railway stations and airports.  

How is this disinfectant system helpful?

The COVID-19 infection has been spread all over the world by both international and domestic travel. Baggage is the most common part of travel. It is handled by several people and it can easily be a contact point to spread the infection. So, it is very vital to disinfect the same every time it goes from one hand to another. It is really very vital to install a rapid system to disinfect the baggage within seconds to avoid COVID-19 virus, considering the rise in passenger traffic at railway stations, airports, and commercial establishments after lockdown. 

In association with autonomous government R&D body, ARCI Hyderabad, a Noida-based tech firm Vehant Technologies has co-developed a UV-C light based baggage disinfectant system, KritiScan. This compact conveyor system consists of chemical-free, clean and dry 360° UV bath technology to disinfect the luggage when it goes through the tunnel within a few seconds. It is best suited for railway stations, airports, bus terminals, private and commercial establishments, and hotels for quick baggage disinfection.  

These systems are capable of quick disinfection of baggage with chemical-free and dry disinfection processes. It releases UVC light at 254 nm which leaves no chemical residues behind thanks to its germicidal properties. When the machine irradiates UVC radiation on the infected baggage, it controls the multiplication of genetic material inside the virus. 

This modern UV-based baggage disinfectant system is powered by a motorized and specially designed conveyor that leads the luggage through the disinfection tunnel where it is treated by UVC light with proper irradiance to dead microbes. This system uses UV-C lamps which are covered without causing any risk to passengers nearby the system. When UVC sources are turned on, caution must be taken. 

This fomite disinfection system is mainly used to control the spread of COVID-19 by disinfecting the luggage surfaces. The disinfection systems use one of several strategies and are very common. 

Dr. G. Padmanabhan, Director, ARCI added, ARCI already has vast experience in developing UVC based disinfectant systems which were intended to provide inputs like levels of UVC dosage. This system provides guidance to focus the UVC in the tunnel so that it can provide the right intensity at all points. With vast expertise and prior experience, Vehant Technologies has developed KritiScan in record time. 

Mr. Kapil Bardeja, Co-Founder and CEO of Vehant Technologies, added that the company has been working tirelessly during the pandemic situation to ensure the safety of people. The company has developed KritiScan in association with ARCI because passenger baggage can be a huge carrier of the virus. The chamber has a sensor which detects the arrival of any baggage or package and turns on the system to disinfect the baggage in 360 degree. 

This type of innovation can really make traveling safe for passengers in the wake of Coronavirus to help the country in economic growth while taking care of passengers’ health and safety, according to Secretary, DST, Prof. Ashutosh Sharma. 
Different models can work at varied speeds of conveyer and it is possible to develop systems according to baggage size with different sizes of tunnels to serve various locations and purposes. This UV disinfection system can easily disinfect the luggage in a few seconds while traditional disinfection processes can take even more time. It takes a fraction of seconds and it does its work so accurately and smoothly. It can really be effective in airports and railway stations across India where passenger traffic is very high.

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