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5 Adorable Gifts to Present on the Valentine Week

Love is an inexplicable feeling that connects two hearts for a lifetime. Though various relationship exists in a society, yet nothing can compare the love of a couple. There is an invisible string that ties the couples together with distinct and never-be-apart feeling. 

Valentine’s Day is a special day dedicated to Saint Valentine, who revolted against the Roman King for the right of love and marriage for soldiers. Today, the day is celebrated to express romantic love without any bar, although done secretly at times. Apart from the lovers, married couples celebrate Valentine’s week to keep their love alive with the sharing of Valentine’s gifts to each other. 

Valentine Week Gift Shopping for Special Ones 

The festival of love starts from the 7th of February and continues till 14th February every year. Lovers, married couples, and family member express their love to each other with adorable gifts and messages. Here are some Valentine Gifts for special ones to gift in the week of love: 

Rose Day on 7th February

Nothing can better express your feeling and emotion than a bunch of fresh red roses. The red roses are a symbol of love and care and convey that meaning to your lover or spouse nicely. The Rose Day bouquet may be a top choice to present arranged in a basket to beloved on this day. This step is set to melt the stoniest of hearts with a floral gift on the Rose day. 

Propose Day on 8th February 

The second day of the week is dedicated to your partner, and it is Propose Day. Everyone tries to make this day as romantic as possible, gifting exclusive items of red roses, floral gifts, chocolates, and other fashionable items to partner. However, the most popular way to express your love and propose for marriage is with a ring kneeling on the ground. 

Chocolate Day on 10th February 

On the 3rd day, Chocolate Day comes for lovers and couples. The day is significant as chocolate with a bunch of exotic flowers or cakes brings sweetness in the relationship. With an adorable chocolate day gift, a broad smile is set to come on the face of your lover quickly. 

Teddy Day on 10th February 

Make your girl or woman happy gifting her an adorable Teddy bear on the fourth day of this week. The cuteness of Teddy Bear attracts every woman due to a soft touch and cuteness. The soft teddy with a bunch of chocolate or flowers will convey the best message to her in an adorable manner. In addition to the teddy, a bunch of beautiful flowers may be an ideal gift. 

Promise Day on 11th February 

On Promise Day, every lover and married couples make a promise of love, fidelity, and support to each other till their last breath. A bunch of exotic flowers, cakes, and other personalized gift items work best as the Promise Day gifts. A variety of gift hampers and combos work best on this day to express love and care. 

Kiss Day on 12th February 

Couples exchange the purest form of love on Kiss Day. Besides spending precious time together, couples exchange gifts such as cute toys, chocolates, plants, and cakes to each other. Make this day memorable for your beloved with unique Kiss Day gifts. 

Hug Day on 13th February 

Hug is a powerful solution to sorrow and pain in this world. An embrace to beloved could bring many special moments and emotions to the fore. However, you can make Hug Day memorable with customized gifts of flowers, personalized mugs, cushions, and other gifts for celebration. 

Valentine’s Day on 14th February 

Valentine’s Day is the final day of this week that comes on 14th February. On this day, couples don’t hesitate to express love and care to each other. Many romantic Valentine’s Day gifts are available for him and her, such as chocolates, cakes, flowers, and personalized cushion as gifts. Even greeting cards are an ideal choice to express your feeling and emotion.


Valentine Week is an auspicious occasion for lovers and couples to celebrate love. Treat your fiancees and beloved with adorable gifts with deep significance and symbolic meaning. Cute teddy, flowers, cakes, plants, and other gifts work better on this occasion. 

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