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5 Early Signs That Your Dog Needs Joint Care Chews

Even though you spend most of the time with your dog, when they have joint pain or discomfort we are unable to diagnose it. This is the reason, giving them joint care chews for dogs regularly can avoid the issue altogether. However, if you haven’t done that already and you feel any change in the pet’s behavior, then look for the following signs to determine if they are struggling with the joint problem.

Sign#1: They Are Moving Slowly

As the dogs age and their moving speed reduce, we assume it’s just an age factor. However, it isn’t the right thing to do. It could be because they are in pain and feel discomfort while moving. Don’t forget, 99% of the joint problems in dogs get ignored for this reason. Therefore, if you are seeing this sign, then take them to the vet immediately, and start feeding them the best dog chews for joint problems.

Sign#2: They Are Avoiding Stairs

This is the earliest sign of a joint problem in dogs. It will make it harder for them to perform the normal tasks as they used to do. Similarly, their speed for standing up or sitting down also reduces. Hence, don’t mix this sign up with the age problem. Take them to the vet as soon as you can before the condition gets too complex.

Sign#3: Their Sleep/Nap Time Increases

Some of the pet owners start to see their dogs sleep more, especially in the mornings. They will be more reluctant when you are trying to get them out of the bed. Remember, you have to be sensitive with them when they start feeling sleepy more often. Nonetheless, this problem can be taken care of when you include soft chews for dogs in their diet to tackle joint problems.

Sign#4: They’ll Have Closed Hind Leg Stance

It is the easiest sign to diagnose the joint problem, but it gets commonly ignored. However, this only happens, if the source of joint pain is located in the hind legs. Again, it can be harder to diagnose in the early stages, so keep an open eye. If they are standing up with back legs close to each other, then it is because they want to take the weight off their hind legs to get relief. Now, this problem can be avoided altogether if you give them IVS Pet’s joint chews.

Sign#5: They Are Bunny Hopping

The bunny hopping refers to the situation where your dog will run while keeping its hind legs together as one. This sign often indicates that your pet has some hip joint issues. If that’s the case, take them to the vet as soon as possible. Commonly, they will recommend the best joint supplement for dogs.

Overcome These Problems With Joint Care Chews For Dogs

Your furry friend will not be able to share any pain they are going through. You have to be very careful and look for these signs if you see a sudden change in their behavior. This is why, to prevent them from suffering from pain, it is recommended to introduce dog joint supplement chews as a part of their diet at an early age.

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