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5 Magical Tricks for Soft and Silky Hair

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Undoubtedly, Some beauties are blessed with soft and silky hair. But you are mistaken, if you think just because you are not born with silky hair you won’t get it naturally. Because Silky hair is not all inherited it’s totally dependent on the diet one’s take and the products we use. In this article, you are going to acquaint yourself with some magical tricks for soft and silky hair.

If you would ask someone who has congenital natural soft and silky hair. They will reveal some silky hair tips and tricks their grandma and mom used to use to care for their hair. So it’s all about how you take care of your hair.

Now, the question arises how to make hair silky and shiny at home? Right! Well, All the secrets of smooth and silky hair are going to be yours soon. Just walk through with me. Even if you desire to unreveal the secret of how to make hair straight and silky naturally. It will be there.

Before we lift the veil from magical silky hair tips it’s crucial to know the signs of damaged hair.

Common Signs of Damaged Hair?

It’s absolutely necessary to dictate the difference between damaged and healthy hair. Without knowing what does damaged hair look like you probably won’t take action to get them in perfect health.

Here are some signs that will help you to dictate damaged hair:

  1. Rough and Dry Hair: If your hair has become dry and rough than usual it clearly tells your hair is damaged.
  1. Split Ends: Split-ends are a product of the dryness of your hair. If your hair’s split ends are aggravating. It’s squeaking for attention for taking care of them.
  1. Dull Hair Color: If your hair color is getting noticeably dull. It’s lacking care.
  1. Hair Fall: Hair fall is a sign of progressively worse hair. It all starts from dryness and goes all the way to excessive hair fall.
  1. Hair Breakage: Does your hair break while combing? If it does. It’s time to feed them with nutrients.
  1. Difficult to Style by Styling Tools: If your hair is unresponsive and difficult to style by heated styling tools. It needs immediate hair treatment.

Now you can easily differentiate if your hair is damaged or not. So it’s time to treat it miraculously with amazing smooth hair home remedies and a sight change in products you use.

5 Magical Tricks for Soft and Silky Hair

You would be fascinated to know how easy it is to get silky soft and smooth hair with the easy magical tricks. These magical tricks combined with hair smoothing home remedies as well as truly gives you the answer to a very popular questionof how to get shiny hair like celebrities.

Let’s walk through magical tricks for soft and silky hair:

1.   Use Products According to Your Hair Type

It seems no brainer but it is actually so important in terms to get silky and shiny hair. How could you possibly get good results if you keep using products that are not in accordance with your hair type? So you need to use other hair products and the best shampoo for straight and silky hair that are aligned with your hair needs.

First of all, you need to know what your hair type is, is it dry, oily, normal, and sensitive and then if you are facing any specific problem like dandruff, hair fall, excessive dryness choose the products that are formulated to solve the particular hair problem.

2.   Hot Oil Treatments

There can not be anything good for your hair other than a relaxing hot oil massage. Coconut oil, Argan oil, Olive oil, Sunflower oil, and castor oil all contain great fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals that are absolutely crucial for maintaining proper nourishment and moisture in the hair.

Hot oils have multiple benefits for hairs, firstly it stimulates blood flow in your scalp, secondly, it penetrates deeply in the scalp and pumps essential nutrients to the hair roots, thirdly, it conditions hair from root to tips and reduces split ends. For this reason, it’s called the best hair softening home remedy.

3.   Invest in Hair Straightening Creams

If your question is how to get silky straight hair without a straightening machine. Your answer lies in top hair straightening creams. Hair straightening creams come with a great amount of keratin protein which is responsible for straightening, soft and tangle-free hair.

Hair straightening creams are cost-effective, easy to use and treat damaged hair effectively, and nurture them amazingly. It could be the best tip for straight hair you can avail and give to your friend.

4.   Use Home Remedies

What else could be more reliable, accessible, and effective than ingredients that live on your kitchen shelf? Yes! I’m talking about giving your hair robust nutrients from home remedies. If you desire to find natural ways for hair smoothing you should definitely give a try to silky hair home remedies.

There are numerous home remedies you can use to revitalize your hair’s natural health like egg mask, curd, banana and honey hair mask, mayonnaise hair mask, and onion juice. Online juice is such a blessing if you know the correct way to apply onion juice on hair. Because it will not only make your hair soft and silky but also promotes hair growth and combat hair fall.

5.   Reduce Using Styling Tools

It’s okay to use styling tools occasionally. But if you are becoming addicted to styling tools and using them every day. Eventually, it can turn into a daunting problem for your hair. The heat of hair styling tools reinforces split ends, breakage, hair fall, hair loss, and moreover it evaporates the natural moisture of your hair and makes it dull and fragile.

If you want your hair to be silky and smooth there is another way to do it which I have already mentioned above. You can use hair creams, masks, and home remedies for soft hair. And even if you seldom use styling tools don’t forget to use hair protection spray before you use heating tools on your hair.

I really hope you like and appreciate these magical tricks for soft and silky hair. And you will start to give proper nourishment to your hair which they really deserve.

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