5 Overlooked Advantages of Buying a Used Car

A sleek luxury car on the road attracts your attention. An advertisement on an LED billboard urges you to walk into a car dealer shop to check the features of the new model. But is buying a new car the right decision for you?

Yes, new cars have all the charms and whistles. It has all the attractive traits that will make you spend your money earned after hard labor. But what is an attractive financing alternative? Buying used cars for sale! Once a proud car owner drives the car off the dealer’s lot, it becomes a used car. Hence, all the cars on the road are used. Consequently, you have a variety to choose from.

If you are scrolling through the Google result page in search of your new ride and need convincing regarding the advantages of buying a used car, read further!

1. Cars Last Long Like British Monarchy!

Your uncle Frank keeps telling you to spend a hefty amount on a brand-new car to wow the people on the sidelines of Dubai roads. But what he does not understand is that recent models of cars last as long as the British monarchy.

They have become more reliable due to the advanced technologies and improved quality management techniques. Hence, the life span of cars has increased, and models can travel for up to 200,000 km.

2.Savings Moving into Piggy Bank Smoothly

With financing options such as loans and leases completing laps around your mind, finding a car that matches your budget can be a laborious task. If budget is your concern and you do not want to burden yourself with instalments of the loan, looking in the used category is a good option.

In addition, new cars depreciate a lot, but the rate of depreciation begins to decrease after that. During the first year of driving, the car loses up to 30 per cent of its value. In comparison, buying a used car saves you from the initial depreciation hit that you take once it drives off the dealer’s lot.

Furthermore, there is no or minimal depreciation. You don’t have to worry about the first-parking ding or rock-chip on the paint because there is a possibility that the per-owner of the car took care of it for you.

3. Owner of Extra Features without Extra Fees

Brand new models in the automobile industry showcase extra features. These optional features come at an additional cost. They are either cosmetic or functional and can be integrated into your purchase on request.

In contrast, buying a used car offers a low level of customization. You will not get the features you want while purchasing the vehicle. However, you do not have to pay for the previous owner’s extra features in the car. You are not charged an additional fee for the optional features that come with the used car.

It also eliminates the crazy fees such as shipping charges, destination fees or those associated with the dealer’s preparation.

4.  A Road of Options!

Each year, automobile manufacturers announce the release of a new model. There are many brands you can choose your new ride from, but there is significantly less variety of new models in comparison to the used cars. It means that you are limiting yourself to fewer models. These models were released just a few years ago.

At the same time, buying a used car provides you with a vast ocean of car models. For instance, your heart beats for a specific model. But there are chances that the manufacturers have halted their production. As a result, you are unable to buy it fresh from the dealer’s lot.

Here, the financing option of a used car makes an entrance as Superman to save your heart from shattering. Buying used cars displays a large spectrum of vehicle models, which might include your favorite old models.

5. Comes with Warranty

Having a warranty is a gorgeous idea, and most new cars come with warranties that last for three years. Hence, there is a change of some used cars that still have a part of their warranties. Meanwhile, others have the option of creating new ones.

An extended manufacturer warranty helps you in repairing the part of your vehicle with quality inputs and excellent support service. This is a pleasant benefit that comes with shopping for a used car!

Are You Buying a Used Car?

You will find numerous used cars in Dubai, in good conditions, that invite you to lock your eyes on them. You are in luck! Because there is a wide range that might include the models that are no longer in production.

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