7 Must-have Apartment Features for a Luxury Living

Your search for a nice and cozy, yet perfect apartment for your family will take you around the town several times. During this time, you will do your homework and search out numerous options to get the best one, while crossing out some of them. Nevertheless, it is a major task to weigh what you want? Is it the location, accessibility, amenities, size, cost, or all of these things in a single package? Whatever it is, one can easily get overwhelmed by all the options at hand.

While buyers want to make the best pick for renting or owning a residential unit, make sure that it has all the desired amenities at hand. Having them will give you the best value for the rent price. For that reason, we have curated a set of amenities that are a must-have feature you should look out for when searching apartments for sale in Dubai:

1.  In-unit Appliances

Living in apartments means that you will be spending most of your time indoors. This calls for in-unit appliances to help make your life easy and convenient by saving time and costs. Stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, iron, laundry, etc. are some of the appliances that fulfill our basic needs. In the absence of these appliances, life would be far from convenient.

In addition to this, if these are not available in an apartment, buyers won’t consider buying them, since they are absolutely necessary. Therefore, make sure your prospective apartment is equipped with built-in appliances to make your life comfortable.

2.  Furnished Units

Talk about absolute convenience and what could be better than getting a furnished residential unit. Although they are quite expensive, it’s worth a luxury living. Opting for a furnished unit saves you from incurring additional costs and the inconvenience of buying and moving all the furniture. Also, if anyone is moving to a city for a short time, then these units will suit them perfectly.

3.  Heating and Cooling Space

Heating and cooling systems play an integral role in maintaining an adequate indoor temperature and combating the extreme temperatures outside. While it is definitely a necessary appliance, still make sure to check the apartment before renting or buying it. A quick initial check to make sure it’s in a working condition will save you from falling into after maintenance costs. This small act can save you from the sweats of summer heat and cold shivers of the winters.

4.  Exclusive Open Space

Apartments are generally thought of as compact and small spaces. Yet the luxurious ones are comparatively big, spacious, and even have outdoor spaces. These are quite good and every apartment has its own exclusive space. It allows them to spend family time in an open area. Some people even choose to do barbeque here, catch sunshine or simply meditate. While these balconies may seem quite small, they attract many buyers. In fact, balconies play an important role in driving the rent up, regardless of their small size.

5.  Well-planned Kitchen

The kitchen is a rather vague term for its diverse functions. It includes everything from fully-renovated, stainless steel, to a brand-new kitchen. It even includes everything from the grain of the salt to sink, faucets, ingredients, and even a home chef. Yes, that’s luxury speaking. So based on the level of luxury that you desire, you can pick the kitchen facilities. Still, make sure that you have the minimum set of convenience and luxury facilities available for a comfortable cooking experience.

6.  Parking

No one likes street parking or wasting time around the block, in trying to figure out a parking slot. It’s time-taking and even more frustrating. Also, there is a greater vulnerability of theft or damage as the car is left exposed to it. Therefore, apartments with a parking facility add to the resident’s convenience. A hassle-free, 24/7 car parking availability is definitely an added luxurious perk.

7.  Security

While one might wonder why the apartment costs for the rentals and ownership are fairly high, the security measures in place justify them. Added features like camera and video surveillance, carded community entry, security guards, fire and alarm systems are some worthy perks. They all keep you safe and reduce the risk of theft. Such security aspects are definitely the most sought-after ones, for safe and luxurious living.

The Way Forward

There are numerous amenities that come along with an apartment. While every single aspect is unique, yet none can be used as a substitute for any other. Therefore, it all comes down to the buyer to make the pick, so only they would truly understand the difference between their need and want. A swimming pool, pet-friendly environment, and a home chef might be someone’s need, while for others they are mere wants. Therefore, make sure you are able to think through and choose a truly ‘luxury’ apartment for rent in Dubai and live the desired lifestyle.

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