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There are many secrets that you can discover how to make gaming PC look amazing. The problem with many gamers is that they have no idea where to start when it comes to optimizing a PC for games. By reading about these kinds of tips on how to make gaming PC look amazing, you will be able to make your system run faster and smoother without having to spend a fortune on the matter.  

Here are some of the top secrets that you can uncover on how to make gaming PC look amazing:

Remove The Unnecessary Things From Your System:

You should remove the unnecessary things from your system. Most gaming systems have a lot of unnecessary files and programs. These are the programs that may slow down your computer in the end. To get rid of these unnecessary programs, you can look at the different settings of the game that you are going to play next and go to the hidden “uninstall program” button.

Set Up Your Processor And Other Hardware: 

Set up your processor and other hardware accordingly. This means that if you want to make your computer run faster, you can increase the speed of the processor as well as the RAM. If you think that you can do this, try playing a few rounds of the game before you give it a shot. After getting used to playing the game, you will notice that the FPS (frames per second) will go up a lot. You can also increase the number of applications installed on your computer as well as the amount of memory that is being used.

Update Graphics Driver:

The game graphics on your PC often become outdated very quickly, which is why it is so important to always keep your PC updated with the newest version of your graphics driver. Windows Update will tell you when a new driver has been released, but that driver is useless if it has not been installed. To do this, it is best to install the driver manually. To do this, all you need to do is locate the downloaded file from Microsoft or another trusted source and then install it. This process should be easy to accomplish because most graphics driver updates can be installed directly from your desktop. After installation, it will tell you whether you have successfully installed the new driver.

If that is the case, you can now go back to Windows Update and find out when it has released a new update for your graphics drivers. After clicking through all the pages, you will be given the option to download the new driver immediately. Open up the driver, and then follow the instructions for installing it. Simply follow the steps on the screen, and then reboot your computer after that. A new version of your graphics driver should be installed and then it will tell you so. When you reboot again, you should have your PC looking fantastic.

You may also notice that if your card suddenly stops working, there are many reasons for this. Sometimes there is a malfunctioning component in your system, or sometimes it is simply an issue with the graphics card itself. If you suspect a problem, go ahead and take the card apart. 

Upgrade  graphics card to a newer model:

You have is to upgrade the graphics card yourself. You do not need to know much about it. You just need to know the minimum amount of knowledge about computers. There are certain points that you should know about the process of upgrading the graphics card. The first point is that you should have adequate space available on your computer for installing a new one. Also, you should have enough money to spend on the new one. This is because you will be purchasing a new one and the more you play, the better the graphics card.

There are other points to consider when you want to upgrade the graphics card. The other thing you should know is that you should choose a brand-name brand that is easy to install and that does not have any drawbacks. You also need to decide on whether you want to get the new model that comes with a higher resolution. If you want to get the newer model, you should look for rebate deals for buying this model. After deciding on the model, you can start looking for the parts. After getting the parts, you should follow the installation instructions to the letter.

Turn off Superfetch and Prefetch:

You will never need to turn off Superfetch and Prefetch on your system. That is what most people think as they are not aware of the operation of Superfetch and Prefetch features. So, let me share with you about these secrets to make gaming PC look amazing. These two features are not a part of your PC and hence you should avoid using them. For gamers, it is very difficult to keep on changing settings because it would take a lot of time. So, I suggest you turn off Superfetch and Prefetch.

So, if you have not turned off the Superfetch and Prefetch function, you will find it very difficult to make your computer always be in a condition of the most improved performance. It would take lots of time and effort for you to change its settings. Well, if you have turned off Superfetch and Prefetch you will not have any trouble in modifying its settings. You will never need to turn off Superfetch and Prefetch again because you will know that they are not necessary.

If you want to reduce your system’s lag you should improve the DLL files. This is the only secret to make gaming PC look amazing. By increasing the size of these files, your system will not lag at all. The reason is that the DLL files are responsible for opening the modules of your Windows. You will find a lot of people complaining that their computers don’t startup for a long time or crash. Well, the cause is because they have disabled these two DLL files. So, now, you will never need to turn off Superfetch and Prefetch because they are not a part of your system.

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