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5 Staples Your Should Always Have in Your Wardrobe

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perfume samples and decants

You are not alone if you have been living in sweatpants and pajamas for the last year. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic kept most people from socializing while mostly sticking close to home. However, now that restrictions are easing and life is finally starting to get back to normal in some ways, it is time to revamp that wardrobe so that you look your best. Here are five wardrobe staples that you need to have around at all times.

Little Black Dress

It may sound cliche but every woman needs a little black dress. Choose a dress that will serve a variety of purposes. This should be a dress that fits in equally well at an office cocktail party as it does for a night out dancing.

For even more flexibility, choose a piece that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion. For example, a strappy cocktail dress that works great for your Friday night adventures can be paired with a cardigan for a more professional look if the need arises.

Comfortable Denim Jeans

Yes, it is great to have a dressy pair of denim jeans to pair with heels for a night out on the town. But how often do you really wear this wardrobe piece? Instead of investing your money on a fancy pair of denim that you will rarely wear, you are better off directing those funds to a comfortable pair of jeans that will get some mileage.


Sometimes it is the accessories that will complete your entire outfit. Do not overlook these little details when deciding what staples that you need to include in your wardrobe. While most people remember to focus on footwear, jewelry, and handbags, how you choose to accessorize and play up your looks can have a big impact on your overall appearance.

For example, collecting perfume samples and decants will ensure that you always have the right scent to match your outfit. Heading out to the beach? Choose a light scent that will match your natural surroundings. For a dinner date, you might want to go with a sensual scent. Small samples will give you a wide variety of fragrances to choose from without having to spend a fortune on full-size products.

Layering Tees and Tank Tops

Every wardrobe needs a variety of layering tees and tank tops. This will give you more versatility through every facet of your outfit choices. Start with a breathable cotton tank top. Select a few neutral colors such as black, white, and gray, in addition to some fun hues.

For the base layer, you will want a close fit. Do not choose baggy tees and tanks if you plan on using them as the bottom layer. You should also have a few of these items in varying lengths to give you maximum versatility. Pair them with cardigan sweaters, blazers, and more.

Quality Piece of Leather

If you are looking to splurge on something for your wardrobe, a nice quality piece of leather is always a great choice. What you choose for your item depends on your own personal style and wardrobe needs. You can never go wrong with a classic leather jacket.

Or if you are particularly daring, consider a pair of leather black pants. This piece should make you feel confident and in control, making it important to choose something that you feel comfortable wearing.

Although these five items will not cover everything that you need for a complete wardrobe, they are certainly a good start. You will be ready to ditch the loungewear and live your best life once your wardrobe is stocked and ready to go.

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