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How to protect rattan garden furniture during the winter?

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Are you looking after your rattan garden furniture and applying various methods to increase your garden furniture’s lifespan? If yes, then here is an article available for more detail. Because after doing good research, we came up with the below-listed methods to keep your furniture safe to keep enjoying upcoming summers.

Clean your furniture

All the garden furniture faces dust, rain, and many other natural substances that can reduce the furniture’s lifespan. Most of the people use this furniture roughly. Therefore, they may contain several dark spots, food, dirt, and so many things. That needs to be cleaned patiently so when you need to keep the furniture. Then you can clean using clothes.

Also, if you are going to leave your rattan outdoor daybeds or other furniture. Then there are higher chances that it will contain moisture. And if there are more moisture components, then there are higher chances that it will decay quickly than the cleaned furniture. Aside from this, if you store your garden furniture in a storeroom or garage, you also need to clean the furniture first. You can wipe with a wet cloth and use a brush to target the inner components of it.

Store in the garage and shed

Most rattan furniture can get stored indoors because your indoor room allows some compact pieces to be kept indoors. Generally, many pieces, sun loungers, sofas, and many other items get placed indoors. And other furniture such as stackable and folding chairs are also great to keep indoors.

You can also use the garage and shed if there is no extra space. These sheds can be made of wood and aluminum, and when you keep your furniture in these sheds or garages, you can cover them adequately. If you have Outdoor Fabric Sofa Sets and do not have extra space indoors, keeping this furniture in a shed or garage is another great option.

Use specially designed covers.

Your furniture can be dust proof or waterproof, but it is still a great thing to use specially designed covers for your furniture. During the winters, your furniture will have to face many harmful elements that will increase the moisture amount. Having a perfectly fitted cover is great to solve this problem.

When you cover, your 6 seater rattan dining set with parasol and any other furniture you use. Then you need to ensure that you are using a high-quality cover for your furniture. Because in winters, it can be a challenging time for your garden furniture if you do not do these things properly.

Move your furniture to a corner or sheltered place.

Whether you choose your furniture to keep covered or uncovered, you must place it in a sheltered place. This is because, during the winter, the wind and rain are two everyday things that will affect your furniture’s build and seating quality. It would be best if you remembered that your furniture stays on a concrete surface or any base similar to it. You should avoid keeping the furniture on grass because it can provide humidity or moisture to the furniture. If you have Maze Rattan Sun Loungers or any more oversized furniture and can not keep it, you need to take it to a sheltered space and place it there.

Oil the furniture gently.

Most of the furniture stays outdoors, which can be the reason for their dryness. If your furniture has dried, then it will start getting split from the joints and will not be longer durable for the long run. You can get boiled linseed oil and apply it to the furniture you have. Whether you have arattan bar sets or any other outdoor furniture, you should keep it oiling to prevent any dryness. This is a great way to keep the furniture durable in winter, so apply this if your furniture is facing such issues.

You can paint as well.

Rattan furniture has a natural and elegant look, and therefore you may face confusion when it comes to pain. Because if you paint, then it can reduce the beauty of the furniture. Still, it will not happen if you choose your favorite color and gently do this process. There are two secure ways to paint the furniture: the first is using a spray machine and coloring the furniture’s surface. Or using a traditional method to paint or polish your rattan corner sofa sets or any other garden furniture. When you are done with this, you can keep these indoors or in a shed.


So, if you want to keep your furniture safe and luxurious, then you should use the above listed methods. You can use customized and specially designed covers, polish the furniture and get a shed to store the furniture safely. However, if you have sufficient space indoor, then you should keep this furniture indoors only. Because you can keep enjoying perfect seating. And your furniture will stay safer but never forget to clean gently.

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