6 reasons to equip your home with double glazing window

Windows are significant part of our home. They have so much to offer. From increasing the market value of any property to providing much needed barrier from outer world, they provide it all. But the older window and single glaze window came with little disadvantage too. Lately they are going out of trend and now it’s time to replace it with double glazing window. Here are 6 reasons why you should equip your home with the double glazing windows.

Noise reduction

Modern world is all about being ahead of others all the time. People are constantly working all around clock and so is noise level. Especially if you are living in noisy area, near a train station or airport, it is impossible to have quiet and peace. With single glazed window all kind of noise comes in, whether cars driving down the road, dogs barking, people walking past the windows. These noises disturb us greatly if we are trying to get any work done or taking a nap. Not only double glazed window masks a lot more of the noise, it also doesn’t let in the chills from outside.

An added benefit of having a double glazed window is that you can listen to music loudly without worrying about your neighbors.

Reduce energy consumption

Double glazed window is an effective insulator as it allows your house to retain most the heat it gains from the sun during the day. It also prevents the risk of cold air meeting outside warm air in summer, effectively keeping your house cooler. This insulator provided by two panels of glass ensures that your heating and cooling device won’t have to work that hard. After the installation of double glazed window you will soon see the significant decrease in your electricity bill. And in the current world where the biggest crisis is climatic condition, saving energy also makes you eco friendly in nature so there’s one more reason to go for it.

Increasing property value

Nothing increases the beauty of your home like having a double glazed window. Having double glazed window also makes your home looks cozier and spacious from inside. It also allows you to watch the world from the comfort of your home without dealing with harsh traffic and pollution. Having said this, double glazed window significantly raise your property value and attracts a lot of  potential buyer.


Since single glazed window are made up of one pane of glass it is significantly easy to break in. Double glazed windows discourage the burglar to break in as it contains two panes of glass and it is noisy to break through. It is also a very difficult task to force them open from outside. Still if you want to increase the level of security you can go for laminated or toughened double glaze window. Installing these would help you rest easy knowing for sure that your belongings at home are safe.

Reducing interior damage

Even though protected by one layer of glass, UV rays are still sharper and could damage.  The furniture kept near the windows slowly. The harmful rays speed up the fading of the furniture, décor, curtains and carpets faster. Double glazed window reduces the amount of heat entering through the glass. It also effectively keeps the temperature inside the home even keeping insects and allergens at bay. It also prevents the collection of mildew, which encourage the growth of mould in turn inviting various insects in your home.

Aesthetically pleasing

One of the best benefit of having double glazed window, is the increase of oomph factor of your home. Whether your interior decorating taste is traditional or modern, double glazing windows can fit in all of them while keeping the existing character of your home.

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