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Add fancy mirrors to your old school console tables

The best way to make your home aesthetically appealing is by adding fancy mirror props to your quirky furniture with versatile designs.  One of the main home decor ornaments which add up life and glamour to the room is fancy mirrors. When it comes to redecorating the house, homeowners give most attention to the living room, bedroom, and dining space but they almost forget about the hallway or lobby areas. Often most people set up designer mirrors over the console tables. This combination is mostly placed near the entrance or lobby, where a good first impression is necessary to make your overall interiors look stunning. 

Console tables are often incomplete without the right decor too. This little piece of furniture might look irrelevant but when you complete the look with the right accessories then it tends to catch hold of everyone’s attention. 

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When we think of designer fancy mirrors to place over console tables then tons of options in the market might confuse us. Hence let’s go through some ideas for adding the fancy mirror over your console table.

  • Keep it Natural – If you are someone who doesn’t appreciate dark hues then go with a soothing scheme. You can opt for neutral and more earthy framed mirrors. Along with a simple round-shaped mirror for placing over the console table, you can also add a small indoor plant for a beautiful display.
  • Ultra-modern look- If you are adopting a modern look, you can choose mirrors with glossy frames. They go with every style be it a modern alternative or a simple undemanding approach.
  •  Go Antique – Old-school mirror look over console table never goes out of fashion. Try installing a decorative mirror with a look that gives you nostalgia. These mirrors can be framed with shells that offer a boho vibe or simply plane mirrors adding simplicity and minimalism to your spaces. 
  •   Play with Pastels – Create a sophisticated and elegant look by arranging a console table with fresh and lively hues from the pastel palette. Along with floral arrangements and smaller decorative pieces one can place a mirror which has a colourfully painted frame from the aesthetic arrangement on the console table.

 From the above-mentioned suggestions, we can conclude the fact that no matter what space you are thinking of re-decorate, beautifully crafted antique or simple mirrors styled over console tables play a huge role in making your living space much livelier and more presentable in a balanced way.

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