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Is it Advantageous to Wear Coral and Yellow Sapphire Gemstones?

What are the Benefits of Wearing Coral Gemstones?

Coral stone is one of the red-hued gemstones that has an impressive story attached to its history. These beautiful gems originated from the depths of the sea with the deposition of polyps (small marine creatures). These polyps aggregate for millions of years, forming unique gems. The color of the stones depends on the pigments found in coral organisms. Coral gemstones commonly found in the market are those with white and red hues. According to Greek legends, these gemstones were believed to be the blood of the monster Medusa. Many cultures used Red Coral stones as jewelry pieces and talismans. The benefits of wearing a red coral gemstone are as follows:

  • A moonga stone is preferable for stimulating love and commitment in married life.
  • Wearing a triangular moonga helps in enhancing courage and self-confidence.
  • The gemstone helps in removing negativity and inducing positive energy that resonates around the wearer.
  • Wearing a moonga gemstone enhances financial and professional growth.
  • Owing to the red color of the gem, this organic stone is believed to aid relief in diseases related to blood, lymph nodes, and bone marrow.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Pukhraj Gemstone?

Sapphires are obtained from the corundum mineral composed of aluminum and oxygen as primary elements. Other than the blue variety, fancy sapphires are also available, such as those with the colors of the rainbow. The presence of trace elements gives color to any gemstone, and in the case of the Kanakapushyaragam Stone, iron takes the lead, giving a warm yellow color to the stone. Apart from being a trendy choice for engagement rings, these gemstones also possess various metaphysical properties, which are as follows:

  • Peela Pukhraj’s stone symbolizes happiness, wisdom, creativity, and purity.
  • Yellow Sapphire stone for women helps in strengthening love and marital life.
  • It exhibits an abundance of benefits, but Who can wear Pukhraj stone? Individuals who are lawyers, judges, teachers, writers, or artists should wear this gemstone.
  • Wearing this yellow-hued sapphire can heal from diseases such as those related to the kidneys or more.

Can I Wear Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire Gemstones Together?

It is evident from many historical and modern sources, those from Vedic and Western astrology, that gemstones are worn to resonate positive energy around the wearer. With respect to the same, it is essential to know which gemstones can be worn together and which should not be. This section deals with whether the Pukhraj and red coral combination are fruitful or not. As per Vedic astrology, yellow sapphire is ruled by the planet Jupiter, whereas coral stone is associated with the planet Mars. A combination of both these gemstones enhances wealth, respect, fame, success, and abundance. The zodiac sign, Scorpio, can wear together a combination of red coral and yellow sapphire stones.

Buying Red Coral and Kanakapushyaragam Stone

Whether a perfect piece of jewelry or embracing astrological benefits, Peela Pukharj and moonga stone prices depend upon the four C’s, namely cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Sri Lankan yellow sapphire and Italian red coral stone are of premium quality in their respective quality. The general criteria on which every gemstone is graded are as follows:

  • Color: While buying an original yellow sapphire stone online, one should go for a vibrant canary yellow color. The price of Moonga stone owes to its vivid, lustrous red hue.
  • Clarity: An eye-clean, inclusion-free clarity governs the prices of both stones. Treated yellow sapphire or treated red coral stone, however, have flooded the market, but their prices are lower as compared to the original gemstones. Natural and inclusion-free gemstones are rare to find, and hence, their prices are higher.
  • Cut: A precise cut beautifies the overall look of the stone, making it shine incredibly. The perfect facets of the stone, shaping it into different forms such as oval, cushion, round, and more, allow more light to pass through, making it shine brighter.
  • Carat Weight: The higher the carat size of the gemstones, the higher their prices. For instance, at Navratan, the online gem bazaar, the price of yellow sapphire 3.89 ratti is higher as compared to the price of Pukhraj 3.53 ratti. The prices differ by the difference in carat weight.

Wrapping the thoughts

In conclusion, the advantages of wearing Coral and Peela Pukhraj gemstones extend beyond mere ornamentation. These gems have been revered across centuries and cultures for their perceived ability to bring positivity and harmony into the lives of wearers. Coral is often worn to invoke protection, love, and commitment, while yellow sapphire is cherished for its associations with wisdom and abundance. Both these stones, when worn together, work amazingly, bringing success and fame to the wearer.