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Benefits of Using an App for Posting to Multiple Social Networks

Why do most social media marketing strategies fail? How does sharing content at the right time benefit your business? Why social media strategy is incomplete without an app for posting multiple social networks? This blog illustrates the deep insights of social media marketing and the benefits of an app for managing social media.

The digital marketing landscape is one of the rapidly-growing & most dynamic ecosystems. Further, social media marketing is a powerful yet subtle form of online marketing that helps you to mark your online presence, build your brand, and engage with your audience. Although we know the importance of social media, not every business can win in this sophisticated marketing environment.


How does your business navigate the above-mentioned complexity to stay ahead of the competition? Well, the most common answer is that you need a top-notch social media strategy to stay on top of the online marketing game. However, time-consumption, handling various social media channels, aligning social media strategy with business goals, are the barriers to a successful strategy.

Moreover, what to post, where to post, and when to post are the major factors that hugely impact the success of your social media marketing strategy. Undoubtedly, the majority of marketers see the success of social media as an important part of the overall marketing goals. But the right social media strategy alone is not the key to social media success.

In a nutshell, you need an app to manage social media accounts not only for crafting posts but scheduling them as well. The right social media strategy with an app for scheduling social media posts will help you to keep up with continual posting and engaging your key audience. Also, it will be the best timesaving approach as well.


Here are several benefits of using an app for social media posting and scheduling-

Access Different Social Media Channels On A Single Platform- Once you figure out who is your target audience on social media channels, you create accounts and start sharing your brand story, brand value, services/products, and industry-related information across these channels. Let it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you need to be highly active on every social media platform to expand your audience reach. 

However, managing every social media channel is difficult and incredibly time-consuming. But with an app to manage all social accounts, you will be able to access social media channels on one platform. Not only this but if you don’t have an account on any channel, the best app to manage all social media such as Practina will also help you to instantly set up your accounts. Hence, you can easily mark your online presence across countless social media networks.

Reach Your Audience at Peak Hours

Social media marketing helps you to reach your customers locally, regionally, nationally, and even globally. You must identify your audience on every network and look for the content they are interested in. Then, you need to analyze which platforms are your target audience most active on and at what time? Then posting the content that may interest your audience and reach them at the right time is essential. 

For instance, Facebook is the leading social media marketing channel in the entire world that can reach people around the globe, build connections, and drive engagement. But studies reveal that most of the Facebook users are highly active on the platform on Friday. Since you are targeting a global audience, you can not stay active all the time to connect with them and boost engagement. This is why you need an app for scheduling social media posts at the right time and right platform.

In-Depth View of Social Media

Did you know that most marketers feel it challenging in measuring the results of this particular type of social media marketing investment? Almost 50% of global marketers feel that social media is the most difficult digital marketing tactic in terms of execution. In addition to this, they are uncertain if they will be able to measure the results and ROI

To know if your efforts and money are worth it, you need data-driven reports and result-oriented analysis that will help you to figure where your marketing strategy is heading to. Moreover, in-depth live reports and smart analytics will help you to see the growth of your social media marketing strategy and make the necessary changes if required. 

Thus, an app for posting to multiple social networks offers you extensive monitoring and reporting features to see your growth on social media.

Take Your Business to Next-Level

Businesses may lose thousands of dollars on managing social media accounts, creating and scheduling posts, and give daily reports on social media marketing progress. Moreover, market-specific developments and changing trends are other complexities that you may have to deal with while controlling social media marketing. So, you need a solution to automate social media marketing strategy.

So, an app for posting to multiple social networks will help you to save your money and concentrate on major business concerns other than social media marketing to gain a competitive edge. An application such as Practina will help you to simplify social media marketing strategies, execute it in a well-organized way, and get business-focused results. Also, it allows you to scale on your business growth.

So, these are the benefits of using an app for posting to multiple social networks that will help your business to reach new heights. Certainly, you must leverage the power of social media and technology-led solutions such as Practina to craft and schedule posts and witness how the right strategy works for your online marketing goals.

With billions of active users on social media, you should grab an opportunity to build customer engagement, communicate effectively with your audience, and stand-out among your competitors. Hence, embrace the higher-level thinking platform to develop and execute a well-planned social media strategy and focus on the big picture- your business.

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