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Arro Taxi App – Making Rides in Yellow Taxis a Cakewalk for New York City Riders

Uber is a name synonymous with riders when it comes to ridesharing and hailing so as to say. However thanks to the same the popularity of yellow taxis has gone down to a great extent but ridesharing solutions like Arro however have brought the popularity of these again to a great extent. 

Here’s all that you need to know about the solution. 

All You Need to Know about Arro Taxi App

To help riders get access to yellow taxis in considerable ease as well as convenience through an app and track the location of the same in an extremely smooth manner you have the Arro taxi app. 

The operation of this app is simple, riders need to simply enter the app and provide their location details. Thereafter, they need to place a tap on the kind of ride they want and then book the ride with the date, time and address upon which the ride gets confirmed and the riders thereafter can track it and be notified of the arrival. 

This makes the app quite popular among riders along with providing opportunities to work and earn to the New York City yellow cab drivers. 

Here are some advantages of the app. 

Benefits of the Arro Taxi App

  1. Gives riders access to yellow cabs
  2. Helps the drivers driving yellow cabs enormous job as well as earning opportunities 
  3. Provides support to the yellow cab industry to build a strong online presence, and a brand, both at the same time. 

Now that you know the advantages of this app let us now get an idea of the features of this app that in turn have made it stand out. 

Standout Attributes of the Arro Taxi App 

Fast Pickups

The app provides riders access to fast pickups which in turn avoids the hegemony of waiting inconsistently for a ride so as to say and also at the same time ensures that the rider never misses out on their important tasks and are always on time. 

Zero Surge Pricing

Riders while using a ridesharing app often come across problems like surge pricing being one of them however this app prevents rather saves the riders from the same in a very unique manner by avoiding this problem to the maximum level possible. 

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

This is another unique feature of the app. With the same, riders and drivers can track the whereabouts of each other and know the exact location of each other and the former can know the expected time of arrival. 


Finally one very important aspect of the ridesharing apps is safety. Arro takes care of it in the best possible manner. The app ensures the safety of the rider as well as the driver both at the same time. 

Thus through all the above features Arro Taxi app Clone has gone onto helping the yellow taxis gain prominence again in New York City and also help riders and drivers both as well at the same time. 

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