Why Is Australia Good For Off-Campus Accommodations

Students planning for studies abroad should most definitely consider their choice of accommodation before anything else. Student accommodation in a foreign country greatly impacts your student journey. Therefore, you would want to make an informed decision. 

It is of no doubt that Australia has upped its game in recent years as more and more students are choosing the Land Down Under for their higher studies. However, the burning question for most students is whether to choose an on campus or an off campus accommodation. Australia is an amazing host country and has enviable off campus student housing options. This article will explore why Australia is a great place for off campus accommodation with special reference to Perth and Curtin. 


While acquiring a student room inside the campus is no less than a feat of victory, it remains inaccessible to most students due to their small number of intake. Off campus accommodation on the other hand is easily accessible and comes with all kinds of amenities. Student accommodation Perth in this case is the best example as it has conveniently located properties with fully furnished spaces to make your life abroad the best. One of Australia’s sunniest cities, Perth is surrounded by long stretches of beaches and hordes of entertainment plazas. Student accommodation Perth ensures youngsters get hassle free access to all these places. 


Studying abroad often tends to burn holes in those pockets. Most students have a tough time managing expenses while trying to get a taste of their new life. Australia provides a quality lifestyle within budgets, specially if the student chooses an off campus accommodation. Private housing begins at a low price of only AU$90/week. UniLodge @ Curtin – Vickery House is one of those places which provide maximum amenities while taking it easy on the budget. Located just a 8 minute walk away from the prestigious Curtin University, UniLodge @ Curtin – Vickery House is surrounded by picturesque parks, grocery stores and all other facilities required daily. 


University hostel is another name for strict rules when it comes to socializing with friends. But with off campus accommodations, students can breathe free. Accommodations like UniLodge @ Curtin – Vickery House offers features like plush common rooms and a place for BBQ for those ravishing end of semester parties. University is a time to form lifelong connections under a multicultural environment and off campus housing allows students to do just that. 


While in university hostels, students are usually assigned their rooms and roommates, it is not so for off campus accommodations. Off campus accommodations allow students themselves to have the benefit of choice. Most youngsters prefer privacy these days. Student accommodation Perth offers distraction free study spaces for academic excellence. 


Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world and students can indulge in a lot of exciting activities when they are not studying. From street art tours, to the world’s largest coral reef aquarium, skydiving to whale watching, the list is nearly endless. International students love to explore local delicacies, but due to unbending hostel rules, they cannot indulge in late night dine outs. With off campus accommodations, cultural exploration reaches its peak. 

However, all this is only possible when you put up in a convenient accommodation that allows you to explore diverse opportunities. Student accommodation Perth and UniLodge @ Curtin – Vickery House are some of the accommodations which are centrally located and accessible to all nearby attractions. 


When it comes to off campus accommodations, students often worry about the safety of their rooms. Will it be as secure as on campus hostels? Off campus accommodations come with the latest security technologies including 24/7 CCTV cameras and secure door entry to name a few. UniLodge @ Curtin – Vickery House for example has high end security features to ensure maximum safety of students. Not to mention, Australia has pretty low crime rates and a warm community of citizens. 

All in all, it would be safe to conclude that off campus accommodations offer privileges like no other. Australia is quickly becoming a hub of creative startups and students would be more than happy to explore a diverse range of opportunities. Off campus housing gives students that much needed breathing space, helps them make meaningful connections with their peers and live the Oz life in all its totality.

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