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Avoiding Stress

Avoiding Stress for the New Year

Be Kind 

The stress of the holidays can leave you feeling emotionally drained. The tendency to overspend and agree to too many obligations means feeling depleted heading into the new year. One way to be proactive in managing this is to remember to be kind. Showing compassion to yourself and others keeps everything in perspective, even in the most trying of times. Kindness is proven to aid in easing feelings of anxiety, stress and even illness. Do a favor for a stranger or someone in your circle without expecting anything in return. Give yourself a little more credit for what you’ve accomplished in the past year. Keep your heart open to the kindness of others and be open to the contagious nature of giving back.   

Reaching Out to Family and Friends 

Committing to family obligations during the holidays can add a lot of unnecessary pressure. Many young adults can be pressured by their parents to spend more time with their grandparents. It can be hard to commit to these obligations around the new year. However, spending time with your elders is valuable and meaningful. Many times, grandparents just want to be kept in the loop, so they feel more a part of your lives. 

Aside from family, it is also important to keep your dear friends close and remind them of how much you appreciate their love and support. Reach out and remind them of what they do that you love and appreciate. There are many ways to practice gratitude for yourself and loved ones around you. Take time to slow down each day and remember the simple things that you are fortunate to have. Share these moments with your friends or write your story of what makes you grateful.

Practice Self-Care   

When a New Year comes around it is hard to hold ourselves accountable to maintain self-care. We give a lot of our energy throughout the year and we neglect to replenish ourselves. Learning to devote a portion of our day to ourselves can take a lot of time to get used to. Whether it’s starting your morning with a good meditation session or ending your night with a relaxing nighttime routine of stretching and reading a few chapters of a book, take some time for you. It’s okay to give yourself attention and live by the mentality ‘energy flows where the attention goes. Many people frequently introduce themselves to various new lifestyles to help get them in this mindset; yoga, aromatherapy,  unplugging before bed, and incorporating healthier eating. 

Many people can’t seem to get in the groove to set aside time for themselves and they look at this way of life of being self-absorbed and selfish. However, if you give, give, give and forget to replenish yourself you’ll hit a wall and become worn down. It is important to in the new year to find a new groove that works for you and fill your cup first before aiding others. 

Learn Something New 

Learning something new always helps to keep people on their toes. Far too often people are quick to find excuses to not take on new hobbies. Many of these excuses can be they are ‘too busy’ or ‘not experienced enough’ to keep themselves stimulated outside of work. Many successful people have healthy habits and are able to set clear goals for their development and growth. 

As people age, it is crucial to learn new skills and stay mentally stimulated. Even as a preventative measure for dementia it is very important to do mental exercises to stay healthy. A great idea is to reteach yourself something you used to do previously and introduce it back into your life. Some examples can be knitting, painting, ceramics, soccer, or something as simple as riding a bike. The best part about this is that you can meet new people as you make these hobbies apart of your life again. 

Travel Plans  

There’s no better way to gain a fresh perspective on the world and to reflect on what you’re grateful for than to travel. Whether you’re experiencing other cultures or just a quick change of scenery, traveling is a way to break out of old habits and feel refreshed. In the new year, many people will receive invites to weddings. It is great to plan ahead and budget these meaningful trips ahead of time. 

The couple getting married will also greatly appreciate you sending your RSVP well in advance. There are many variables that go into planning a wedding, especially destination weddings. All couples that are planning a wedding can avoid stress by cutting down on wedding expenses that are unnecessary for their special day. Plan all travel itineraries ahead of time so you can lessen the stress on anyone involved. Planning will give you more time to become excited about an upcoming trip and financially prepare for it. 

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