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Danbury Car Service offers car service transportation from Danbury to John F Kennedy Airport. And we also provide service from JFK to Danbury. Let Danbury Car Service take care of your transportation needs to and from John F Kennedy Airport. Save on parking fees, gas, tolls, wear & tear on your vehicle and your time and book with us today!

Call our office at 03-792-0029 OR 888-790-0019 if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation. During this time, we are only allowing up to 2 passengers not including the driver per trip. While Danbury Car Service is certainly an easy hit to get to Danbury, it is far from being the most expensive route. And with its look, you would like a cheaper one with your public travel request.

The cheapest way I know it would be to catch an AirTran train off JFK that will take you to the NYC train system in Jamaica, Queens. From there, you will take a train and take an extended but cheap trip to Manhattan to Grand Central Station. From there, you will take the metro train north to Danbury. The whole process will take a minimum of a few hours.

Thank you so much for getting to and from NYC airports to catch the “Airport Service” bus that can be found outside the transport desk below as soon as you get your luggage. Find a portable owner standing near the Airport Service sign where buses and shuttles devour people and buy tickets from them. A ticket to the Grand Central Terminal should be $ 13, the last time I board. This is usually more expensive than public transportation, but it will be faster and easier, about half an hour on a reliable day without traffic.

Bradley International, Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Although close to other NYC flights, Bradley is probably the hardest hit in terms of public transportation.

The Danbury Car Service is there. Ask at the Information Desk or manager where you will get the bus in the morning at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury.

You may also be prepared to rent a car or shuttle service. Once in Danbury, call a taxi on Call a taxicab at 203-792-0029 OR 888-790-0019, and ask a taxi driver to pick you up at Western Connecticut State University, inside the Old Main building.

LaGuardia (LGA) or Kennedy (JFK) airports, NY City

Transportation is more accessible from LaGuardia and JFK airports than from Bradley.

Here are the many services available:

AirTrain JFK

Take an AirTrain from JFK to a train or bus company in Manhattan (Grand Central Station). From there, take the Metro North train to Danbury, CT or Brewster, NY. Finally, drive to the WCSU Midtown Campus (181 White Street), inside the Old Main building. The price of Air Train trains and subway trains in Manhattan will cost about $ 7.50.

Metro North Railroad

From Manhattan’s main station, you will take the Metro North train to at least one of the 2 destinations. Will take the New Haven line to the Danbury station. This trip requires you to change trains within the South Norwalk, but the Danbury station is only 1/2 km from the WCSU Midtown campus.

Peter Pan Bus

Several bus lines run to Danbury from Manhattan. From the Port Authority bus depot (625 8th Ave. & W. 42nd Street) Peter Pan transit line provides assistance to Danbury. The price is approximately $ 20.00. The stop is near the highway. Call a taxi at 203-792-0029.

Newark Liberty Airport, Newark, New Jersey

Like JFK, Newark Liberty Airport also has Air Train service in Manhattan. From Newark, you will catch an Air Train into Penn Station in NY. Price is estimated at $ 13.00. From Penn Station, take the subway to Grand Central Station (costs about $ 2.25), where you will switch to the Metro-North train or, take the New Haven line to Danbury (requires another train change in South Norwalk.) The Danbury train station is about 1/2 km from the city center.

Call a taxicab at 203-792-0029 OR 888-790-0019

A visit to Newark Liberty

Danbury Car Service is available in Manhattan from Newark Liberty Airport. Like Air Train, most will need you to secure several times and transfer between Newark and Danbury. It might make sense (or easier!) for you to rent a car service to drive you directly from Newark to Danbury. The relocation site on the Newark website lists your options.

Logan Airport, Boston, Massachusetts

Travel is there from Logan to Danbury by Peter Pan Bus as well. Will take a bus from Logan to Boston, and from Boston to Danbury. The stop can be added outside Main Street, and you will taxi cab at 203-792-0029 OR 888-790-0019

COVID-19 Health and Wellness

COVID Statement for Danbury Car Service because it complies with industry standards for CDC and TLC to supply our clients with health and safety protection. We’ve completed an inventory of procedures to be followed to avoid disinfection on each trip. You’ll read the complete statement of the COVID-19 Car Service.

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