5 Awesomely Useful Apps for Downloading Videos

There is a range of reasons to download videos. Some want to keep offline videos for watching later, some watch live videos and save their favorite TV shows as part of the collection and some just like to download funny clips from YouTube for sharing with friends.

As the quality of online video streaming increases over time as well as more advanced technology makes it possible to stream video on 4G mobile phones, users expect that they can watch high-definition (HD) videos anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. 

But what if one has limited data on their phone?  Video downloading apps help by saving these videos on their smart phones so they can enjoy them wherever they go. So we’ve compiled a list of the best video downloading apps for iPhone/iPad and Android, which are free of charge.

1) Vidmate – The World’s No 1 video & music downloader app

Vidmate is the world’s no 1 video and music downloader app for Android & IOS. It has a huge collection of more than 50 million videos and songs that one can download for free using Vidmate app.

Install vidmate lets one search whatever they want to download from the vast library available on its platform. The Vidmate video should be your first choice if you are looking for an all-in-one solution to download or watch any videos like movies, funny clips, animated cartoons etc. One doesn’t need to configure anything to use Vidmate as it works out of the box by launching the built-in web browser. And this is why we recommend it as the best apps for downloading videos.

2) Vdownloader

Vdownloader is a free online video downloader website. It’s another popular alternative to Vidmate for downloading videos on their android smartphones and tablets. Vdownloader can find videos from all the major video streaming websites like YouTube, MetaCafe, Dailymotion etc. The only downside of this app it doesn’t show preview images of the videos before downloading them. But many other features make it the best apps for video downloading.

3) Yout

Yout is a great platform that offers one to download HD quality movies, TV shows, music videos, funny clips etc directly to their smartphone or tablet using its official mobile application. Unlike other platforms mentioned here, Yout provides users with an option to watch the videos without waiting for the entire file to download. It also allows users to preview the video before downloading it.

4) Deturi

Deturi is a free video and photo downloader app with fast speed, high quality and simple design. This Android platform offers one unique feature that most other apps don’t have, i.e.; one can play videos in their phone during the download process. And just like Vidmate, it works out of the box so they don’t need any configuration or technical knowledge to use it.

5) Byclick Downloader

Byclick downloader is another excellent alternative to Vidmate when it comes to simple interface with easy-to-use options. The developers have designed it with simplicity in mind so that anyone can use this app without any configuration or technical knowledge. It’s the best for people who like to watch videos offline and save their data usage. Byclick downloader has all features one needs to create their own personalized entertainment system, including HD quality MP3 songs, high definition movies etc.

This article gives information about 5 top video downloaders so install vidmate, vdownloader, yout, deturi and byclick downloader to enjoy the best experience of downloading videos.

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