BBA in Aviation

If flying planes and helicopters is something you’ve always wanted to do, then BBA Aviation is the course that can make your dream come true.

Aviation now plays a critical part in space technology, security, and even the national economy, as it encourages tourism. As a result, aviation technology must be upgraded at a rapid rate, creating a large demand for people who have a thorough understanding of aviation science.

One of the specialisations available in this programme is a BBA in Aviation, which gives very good pay and the finest work-life balance.

In India and around the world, a BBA is one of the most popular postgraduate degrees. Every year, lakhs of students in India, after completing their graduation, enrol in the BBA Bachelor’s programme. As you are reading this blog, you may also be one of the BA aspirants.

So, on this blog, we’ll go over the BBA in Aviation UG course in detail. We’ll explain why this specialisation is superior to others and why this course is more lucrative.

So without wasting your time, let’s dive into the topics.

First, let talk about what is BBA program is and then after what is BBA in Aviation Management is.

What is BBA?

A Bachelor of Business Administration is a bachelor’s degree in business administration. It is a 3-year long bachelor course which anyone can pursue after the completion of the 12th.

The BBA degree is one of the most popular courses in the world. It is a professional degree and most graduates will start working in a corporate environment.

This course focuses on executive-level management problems and issues. It also emphasises an executive’s abilities and obligations, as well as corporate social responsibility. The training will also discuss how to operate as a team to achieve strategic goals.

The BBA Course is the appropriate choice for you if you want to work in the business sector.

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Things that you learn in BBA Aviation

A BBA in Aviation is a master’s bachelor’s degree that prepares you for management positions in the aviation industry. It provides you with the skills you need to succeed in a highly competitive industry.

This course focuses on the managerial and technological aspects of the aviation industry. You will get to learn about the upcoming threats in the field and how to avoid them. The program will equip you with the knowledge to successfully manage a flight operations department.

Despite its short duration, it provides students with a wide array of opportunities. Aspiring aviators can expect a varied range of responsibilities that will take them far in the future.

How does admission happen in an BBA course?

Meet up the eligibility criteria

To get admission to BBA Aviation, you must have passed class 12th from a recognised board. Commerce and science stream students can only apply for this course.

In addition, you must have secured at least 50% of the total marks in the class.

Qualification to Get BBA Colleges

The admission procedure for BBA in Aviation varies between institutes, but in general, most of them accept students through 12th merit marks.

A few reputed institutions in India also conduct entrance exams, so it’s important to check the selection process before applying to a particular college.

The entrance exam for BBA in aviation is intensive. The entrance exam for BBA aviation is approximately three hours long and contains three sections: mathematical, logical, and English. It requires a good understanding of English and a strong mathematical background.

Following that, a merit list is created based on the exam results, with those with valid ranks being shortlisted for the next rounds i.e Group discussion and Personal Interview.

Once you passed this round also become eligible to get admission in this course in that specific college.

Top Entrance exam in BBA courses

  • Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET)
  • IPM Aptitude Test
  • JUEE

Admission in BBA Aviation Colleges

Getting admission to a BBA college is quite simpler than you think. You just need to fill out an application form at the college to which you want admission.

This application form is available both offline and online. But now, colleges mostly prefer to have an online application process rather than an offline one.

After getting the form, you need to fill in the details correctly as asked and then attach the required documents. If the application is offline, then you need to staple the xerox copy with the form, but if it is online, then you just need to scan and upload it.

After completing the application, the college evaluates the application and gives admission on a merit-based system. This merit list can be based on your 12th-grade marks or entrance exam grades, which would inform you before the application process.

Once your name appears on the merit list, then you just need to pay the fees for the college and take the admission.

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Syllabus of BBA Aviation

 Semester 1

  • Language I
  • English I
  • Management Process (Core I)
  • Core II-Financial Accounting
  • Applied Paper I-Mathematics for Management I
  • Environmental Studies

Semester 2

  • Language II
  • English II
  • Core III-Organizational Behavior
  • Core IV-Economics for Executives
  • Applied Paper-II – Mathematics for Management II
  • Value Education-Human Rights

Semester 3

  • Core V: Business Communication
  • Core VI-Production and Material Management
  • Core VII: Marketing Management
  • Core VIII-Management Information System
  • Applied Paper III-Taxation Law and Practice
  • Skill-Based Subject 1: Retail Environment
  • An Introduction to the airline, travel, and tourism industries

Semester 4

  • Core IX-Human Resource Management
  • X-Financial Management at its Core
  • Core XI-Principles of Airlines and Airport Management
  • The Theory of PC Software (MS Office)
  • PC Software (MS Office): Useful
  • Applied Paper IV-Business Law
  • Skill-based Subject-2: Consumer Behaviour
  • Logistic and Air Cargo Management

Semester 5

  • Core XIV-Cost & Management Accounting
  • Core XV-Marketing Research
  • Core XVI-Airline Finance and Insurance
  • Aviation Law, Aircraft Rules, and Regulations
  • Core XVIII-Air Traffic Control
  • Elective-1: Security & Safety in Air Transportation
  • Merchandising management is a skill-based subject.

Semester 6

  • Entrepreneurship and Project Management in the Nineteenth Century
  • Airport Strategic Planning
  • Core XXI-Airline & Airport Marketing Management
  • Elective-II: Service Marketing
  • Elective-III: The Importance of Aircraft Maintenance Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Extension Activities

Top BBA Aviation college in India

  • University of Mumbai
  • ISBR Business School, Bangalore
  • Christ College of Science and Management, Malur
  • AIMS Institutes, Bangalore
  • HITS Chennai – Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science
  • Diamond College of Commerce and Science, Nagpur
  • ABBS Bangalore – Acharya Bangalore B-School
  • Presidency University, Bangalore

Job roles after BBA aviation

With a BBA in Aviation degree, you will have multiple job opportunities in the public and private sectors. These jobs can range from the ground staff of airports to the management of airports. In addition to this, you can work in airline & airport operations. You can also get paid to fly and visit different places, which is why an aviation degree can lead to an exciting career in the aviation industry

Below we had mentioned some of the popular job roles that one can get after completion of the BBA aviation course –

  • Airlines Pilot
  • Planner for the aviation industry.
  • Airlines Customer Relationship Manager
  • Airlines’ financial analyst.
  • Airlines require an operations analyst.
  • Airlines’ Purchasing Manager.
  • Airlines’ Senior Staff Analyst
  • Trainer.
  • Corporate Sales Territory Manager

Salary after BBA aviation

This is one of the most crucial considerations for students before enrolling in any sort of education, and as I previously stated, these courses provide a very decent pay upon completion.

The typical salary for BBA aviation management after the competition is roughly 1.5L-2.5 lakhs per month, with newcomers with no experience can expect a salary between 80 thousand and 1.5 lakhs per month. In this industry, an experienced individual might make between 8 and 15 lakhs per month.

Future scope

The future potential of BBA aviation programmes is limitless. There are tons of jobs for you out there, whether you want to be a flight attendant or an airline pilot.

Air travel demand is expected to rise by 4.3 per cent per year on average over the next 20 years, according to the most recent predictions.

Simply looking at India, the aviation industry is predicted to grow by 10% over the next ten years. Between 2015 and 2020, it increased by 20.3%. It is the fastest-growing aviation industry in any country.


Having a BBA in aviation degree is a great way to advance in your career. The aviation industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. Therefore, a BBA in aviation can be extremely rewarding and will enable you to pursue various positions.

There are many opportunities for people with a bachelor’s degree in aviation. You can work in a variety of capacities.

You will find jobs in the fields of airline operations, safety, and cargo. The career opportunities are endless in the aviation sector. The scope of a BBA in aviation is enormous.

So, in this blog, we attempted to explain everything there is to know about BBA in aviation in depth.

If you have any questions about this course, please leave them in the comments section below. We will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible.

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