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The 5 Best Running Apps with free GPS running tracker

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The 5 Best Running Apps with free GPS running tracker

Fitness can be interpreted in a lot of different ways by different people. One of the very popular ways to stay fit is to run daily. For all good reasons, running can be a lot more interesting if you have got the right companion and the tools to run with. These five GPS running tracker apps can help you start your running adventure without any second thoughts or hesitation. With such technologically advanced and smart running apps, you can explore new lengths and breadths of running paths in your area and give a boost to your running goals. 

So, let us get on the running track! 

Daily Burn

The first one on our list is Daily Burn that is an excellent motivational coaching app. It comes with in-your-ear coaching for people of all fitness levels. You can choose the temp at your convenience, distance, time interval. You can even set time or distance to run on your own, and the app will follow your speed. The app will first ask you about your running goals such as whether you want to get faster, build endurance, or crush your first race. It gives a fair idea to the app about your endurance and commitment to running. The app makes it easy to get out of bed and set good running goals. 


WeRun is amongst some of the very smart running apps that enable you to run together either in a private or public group. You can choose to create a group or join an existing one in your area. Private running is limited to people having the access to join it whereas public running groups can be joined by anyone. The default radius is 10 miles and you can go up to a hundred miles to find the best running groups. The GPS tracking feature of the app allows you to get directions and be in touch with your group members. 


The next one on our list is Runkeeper. It is one of the most popular and tried-and-true running apps. It comes with various useful features that are accurate and are easy to understand & use. The GPS feature allows you to track your distance, speed, time, and mix up your routine by following one of Runkeeper’s pre-created running routes. The app even lets you set goals and keep a track of your progress every day. If you are into biking, the app is a great one for you as it comes with fitness tracking features that help you track other activities as well. You can even sync the app with other smart fitness devices such as Fitbit, Apple watch, etc. 


This one is a good option if you wish to lose some weight through running. It allows you to set and achieve challenging goals daily. You can track your calories while running in one place and even check the remaining calories left to burn based on your daily calorie-burning goals. Indeed it is a smart running app. You can even keep track of your fitness and weight loss progress and connect with your friends on it to help each other remain full of motivation throughout the workout plan. You can easily sync the app with other apps and devices including Fitbit, Strava, Runkeeper, and Runtastic. 

Adidas Running by Runtastic

Last but not least, Adidas Running by Runtastic is the next on our plate. It was acquired by The Three Strips, a running and fitness tracking software company, in 2015. The company recently rebranded the app and brought two different segments out of it, namely, Adidas Running and Adidas Training. The former one has several useful features such as live route tracking, and voice coaching. It comes with an accurate GPS running tracker and offers a custom cheering feature to motivate you. 


Running can never go out of fashion. Thus, you can spot so many running apps on the play store with different combinations of useful features to help you find running groups or stay motivated by their running plans and routines. If you are looking to start your fitness journey as soon as possible, get started with your running routine with any of these apps today. 

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