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Best Lead Management Software

Best Lead Management Software to Generate More Sales in 2020

The best lead management software available in the market consists of a compilation of techniques, and procedures to gain more potential clients for business houses. It is also referred to as Customer Acquisition Management, wherein various lead managing methods are applied by small to mid-sized to large organizations for attracting more potential traffic towards the firm’s website. To control the customer database and gain more target leads from the sales, nearly all companies need a set of streamlined methods.

Some of the Best Customer Acquiring Management

Soffront Lead Management

This is an exhaustive marketing automation solution offering optimized lead generation options to capture all potential customers and boost sales. It is one of the best lead management software, which helps the business by targeting educational emails to fresh and existing customers. Besides, this unique software renders mechanized ranks and grades to prospective leads or customers, helping them to qualify as sales-ready clients by quantifying their online pursuits and buying habits. So, the lead management solution provides online support and precise analytical in-depth reports, thereby amplifying the conversions, with enriched returns.

HubSpot CRM

It is the all-in-one marketing software that assists in tracking emails and featuring sales productivity for a business concern. This is one of the best lead management software, which links to Gmail for attracting and connecting leads much more quickly and closing the deals conveniently while administering all contacts in a centralized directory. It is the most favored lead management and conversion software for more than 12,000 organizations in over 56 countries across the world. The prime aspects of this application are the innovative sales pipeline management, customized campaign management, and engaging the potential leads. The optimal software is applied for mid-sized to large business houses with a minimum of 10 to 999 end-users. Some of the organizations using HubSpot are HubSpot Inc., Portfolium, Inc., and Axosoft.

Pardot by Salesforce

This SaaS marketing automation platform software from Salesforce provides lead management, email automation, and scheduled email engagements for B2B sales and marketing firms. The effectual marketing techniques and enhanced sales generated revenue has projected it as one of the best lead management software with over 25,000 satisfied clients worldwide. The prime aspects are that it is an autonomous application, and can also maintain a large database of customers. Besides, it can be applied for diversified departments and functions, and conveniently generates email campaigns. Some of the different companies initiating Pardot are Security Benefit Corporation, Vector Laboratories, Inc., TP Trucking, with employee strength up to 10,000.


It is an integrated lead generation and conversion software, with a synchronized marketing automation application assisting the B2B and B2C business houses to trace, foster, and control the potential leads flawlessly. You can witness the enhanced growth effect in every step, as this best lead management software engages the leads or prospective customers towards sales. It is one of the prominent software applications aiding small to mid-segment to big firms optimally engaging the prospective customers through its responsive automated process. The main attributes of this automated lead management software is the synthesis of API with other activities, personalization of various elements, actual-time lead engagement. It is an all-inclusive application with trustworthy performance, even in a restricted allocation. Companies implementing LeadSquard are Synergita, and Business Technology Partners, LLC, among others.


This is a cloud-based CRM solution providing a comprehensive lead analysis assisting to generate customized workflows and automating processes. This is the best lead management software mainly optimizing the performance for small business houses with less than 499 employees and is implemented in more than 15,000 organizations across 80 countries in the world. The prime features of this unique software are its innovative mobile version, apart from customized campaign management, with source tracking options. The software tool is quite dependable offering a free edition for up to 10 employees.

Every tool discussed above includes some unique features, like Pardot, which is best for mid-market to large organizations providing maximum adaptability while offering the ability to manage large databases of prospective customers. Thus, lead management software empowers and authorizes the marketers to engage with potential clients. You can start with the free versions, but in due course, it is recommended to upgrade to paid versions of the specific lead management solution. So, if you want the best lead generation software, you can easily choose some from the above, as the comprehensive solution of HubSpot to enhance your business prospects.

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