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best places to live in portland

Great Places to Live in Portland & Oregon

The city enjoys over 26 million nights a year in the hip city of Oregon! There are some amazing places to stay in Portland, from small homes to funky hotels. If you also want to go here, you will have to book the flight tickets of United Airlines through United Airlines Reservations.

best places to live in portland

Here are the best places to live in Portland, Oregon:

1. Tiny Digs Hotel

PortlandBut has many exclusive hotels, this makes it a great choice! Has captured the concept of the small house and what better way to see Portland, Oregon than to have your own small rental house. The Tiny Digs Hotel offers a more unique and adventurous place to stay with a total of 7 smaller home units that used to be a car lot.

Tiny Digs Hotel is definitely not part of your everyday chain setting, but the people of Portland, Oregon are known for being out of the ordinary. Although you might think that you would be roughing it in one of these small, 150 square feet. Each unit has a queen bed, kitchen, air conditioning, heat, and full bathroom, so you’re not really missing anything.

2. Society Hotel

It is a hotel that the name does not say all this. For the solo traveler, who does not feel like sharing some space, the hotel has a hostel, which has sleeping arrangements with a triple bunk with a shared bath. On the upper floor of the establishment, basic private hotel rooms still share one bathroom, but offer a little more privacy, with another 12 privacy for all those who must have their own bathroom. What is there to share a lot within the Society Hotel? Location Location Location!

3. McMinn Vitamins Kennedy School

If you want a standard experience, a standard hotel room is fine, but when in Portland, why not try something out of the ordinary. McMinn Vitamin Kennedy School is perfect for those who want to go back to school, but do not really wish to enroll in one.

This boutique-style hotel is made up of an actual primary school built-in 1915. The rooms have a distinct classroom feel, with some distinctive literary themes. If you are a bookworm or just love a classroom environment, McMinn Vitamin Kennedy School may be your perfect solution for living in Portland, Oregon.

4. The Ace Hotel

Artists are everywhere in Portland, Oregon and if you’re relaxing like an artist for the night, The Ace Hotel is ideal. The hotel features rooms artistically decorated by producer and artist Jordan Hufnagel.

Within this hotel, you will enjoy a plethora of communal spaces that encourage community and locally sourced drinks and their food offering at the home restaurant, Clyde Common. Located directly in a historic building in downtown Portland, you will be close to everything, enjoying a very serene sleeping environment.

5. Jupiter Hotel

For the traveler who wants a hotel that is slightly out of the ordinary, but carries an ultra-chic personality, the Jupiter Hotel is the place to go. The location of the hotel is only 5 minutes from the downtown area but located within the upstairs and hip Burnside area.

Each room is decorated with classic American 1950s decor and is a local hot spot for artists of all genres. Although the Jupiter Hotel is designed for ultra-cool, prices remain average and guests expect all modern amenities and enjoy a more comfortable environment.

6. McMenamins Crystal

One of them is absolute and best of all if Downton McMenamins Crystal. Much love and dedication have gone into the building, originally built in 1911.

Bands from various rock and roll eras line the walls with a rock at each location and roll out themed museum and bar venues for guests to enjoy. Each room is unique and based on the style of different musicians, so you can be sure that you will have a great time in this fun, yet brilliantly styled hotel.

7. Sentinel Hotel

Traveling is a lot of fun, but more customers today are looking for an environment that takes into account the environment. At the Sentinel Hotel, an environmentally friendly mindset and high-end luxury walk-in go hand in hand.

The hotel has a 4 star rated service, but it also takes into account the environment with durable materials at each location and honeybee hives located on the roof. While you relax in pure luxury, you can learn about the need for a relaxing honeymoon located in one of the city’s famous streetcar stops.

8. The Lion and the Rose

A trip to Portland, Oregon would not be complete without staying at one of the many guest houses throughout the city. A guesthouse offers a more intimate style of stay for those who prefer to immerse themselves in local city life rather than being in a position above all on one of the high-rise hotels.

Lion and The Rose is the ideal guesthouse for those who wanted to enjoy Portland. This Victorian-era mansion has been transformed into a stunning guest house just minutes from Avenue Max station. Those who enjoy history will like The Lion and The Rose.

9. Hotel Deluxe

Its central city location is a bonus for Hotel Deluxe. Hotel deluxe has an added bonus for guests as afternoon tea is served in the top lobby. Feel like the movie star has always dreamed of you at Hotel Deluxe.

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