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Looking For Best And Cheap Water Purifier? Take A Look

Pure water, is a must for a healthy lifestyle but ironically finding pure water is the hardest thing on earth these days. Gone are the days, when water in rivers was pure and sweet, as now the pollutants have made it hard and dangerous to drink. Also, these impurities cannot be treated with simple methods, so it becomes hard for all to live a healthy life.

To eradicate this problem, water purifiers are invented, which give you purified water in a simplified way without using the manual intervention. Earlier, the water purifier costed high prices as not many companies were making them, but now that you have competition in-market buyers can get them at lower prices as well.

Need For Pure Water

People generally think that healthy water is essential to keep our stomach healthy, which is also quite right, but that’s not it, as it has many more uses to our body.  Let’s see what they are:

  • Hydrates us: No matter what season it is consuming an optimum level of water is a must for your body to remain hydrated. Also, keeping hydrated can avoid skin issues like pimples and acne, which can make you look lovely
  • Lubricates Joints: The Cartilage, located in joints and the disks of the spine, contains 80 percent water, so it’s essential to drink water to avoid pain in joints.
  • Detoxify us: As water improves digestion, it helps in cleansing our body and keep us fit and lively.
  • Carries Oxygen: As blood is more than 90% of water and is the source to carry oxygen to organs, isn’t it a wise thing to drink pure water.
  • Maintain Kidney’s Health: We all know that kidneys are essential in regulating fluid in the human body. Hence consumption of pure water can avoid problems like stones or urine infection.
  • Maintain Blood Pressure: Blood is 90% water; thus, dehydration can lead to blood thickening, which can lead to high blood pressure.

How To Choose Water Purifier?

Before buying a water purifier, you must understand the water type if its municipal water then you can take simple purifiers but if you live in a place where you get hard water supply with heavy sediments then buying an RO water filter with TDS controller would be best.

Also, check the capacity of water purifiers when buying. If you are buying for a small household then a less size one would do, but if you have a big family or taking it for commercial use, then you can choose a bigger one.

Not to forget to check the warranty and post-maintenance services scheme the company is offering as it is essential and once you have paid for it you cannot change it. Also, don’t forget to see if it uses electricity or not. As places where electricity rates are high, using an electrical filter could be non-economical.

Post discussing the need for pure water, now let’s come back to the main agenda, which is finding cheap water purifier with best features.

Don’t worry we would not suggest just any water purifier to you all and risk your health but will recommend only best and budget-friendly purifiers that can give you healthy life without making a hole in your pocket. Let’s take a look at the purifiers available

  • Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 6-Litre Water Purifier: This RO water purifier uses 5 stage purification with a unique Electro Absorption Technology filter. It comes around Rs 7990.
  • Ruby RO+UV+TDS controller: This RO water purifier comes for Rs 5,999 and uses 11 stage filtration process.
  • Kent Maxx 7lts: The brand is excellent and offers this 7ltrs filter is Rs 7539 only. It can purify 1ltr of water in one minute and needs no manual intervention for purification. It has an 11-watt UV lamp.
  • Aquatech Plus Advance + RO+UV+TDS Controller: This water filter is supported by supreme filters and removes upto 99% water settlements. RO Comes with a year warranty and costs around Rs 8498.
  • HUL Pureit 23ltrs: Specifically designed for Indian household this water purifier can give upto 1500 liters of pure water in one cartridge. It uses a 4-step filtration process and comes for Rs 2850 only.
  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure Maxima RO+UF Water Purifier: It uses dual RO+UF purification and has a long cartridge life of 6000 liters. It comes for Rs 7893.
  • Livpure Glitz Plus-RO+UF Water Purifier: It uses 6 stage purification process and can purify 7ltrs of water. You can either mount it on the wall or keep it on top. It comes for Rs 8700.

Now that we have discussed the options that are available in the market, we are giving you an important tip where you can find purifiers in the budget. Try buying purifiers online as there you can find end number of options and fantastic schemes and offers that can make you purchase worth.

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