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Quick and effective protection from air pollution.

Quick and effective protection from air pollution.

Remember that just because you are breathing in air pollution everyday doesn’t mean that your body has become immune and your health will be unaffected by it. The bad quality air that you are breathing everyday may be slowly killing you inside and you will see the major health consequences one day. It is true that rainy season this year has helped control the pollution level and residents of Delhi, one of the most polluted cities in the world, are breathing the best air quality in several years. But still there’s a long way to go to get the air quality healthy and breathable for the residents.

Delhi government (Aam Aadmi Party) has announced that the odd-even rule will be applied this year as well in November to help control the gruesome air pollution. Likewise, the government is taking steps regularly to deal with the situation. It is important for us to take steps to contribute in descend of air pollution around us.

Few things that we can do is, plant more air purifying plants or just normal plants and trees, taking public or pool transport instead of private cars, avoid burning substances especially the ones that release harmful gases on burning, etc. Surely, it will take its own sweet time for all these steps to help in improving the air quality but it is very important for everyone to start with just one step and slowly bring others in action. Also, if people around you are contributing in increase of air pollution, take out time to make them understand how much harm they are causing to environment and how they can avoid doing it.


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You cannot harm your health by breathing the polluted air and wait for the air quality improves. Till then, you ought to take effective measures for yourself and your family in order to prevent harmful health consequences. It is always advised to eat food items and drink organic tea with anti-oxidants that than flush out the pollutants. For quick and effective protection from air pollution, you should keep air purifier at your home.

Air purifiers help in purifying the air inside your house which is factually five times more polluted than the air outside. But, the home air purifier will only help you breathe clean inside but not outside hence personal air purifiers are the best and quick solution. Among all the available wearable purifiers, AirTamer A310 is the best purifier that will help you breathe clean anytime, anywhere. One just has to wear it around the neck to protect themselves from germs, viruses, etc. Let’s learn how this device is the best purifier in India for 2019.

AirTamer A310


AirTamer A310 works on latest and advanced ionic technology in which two million ions are emitted per second from the tiny black brush at the top. The ions get attached to the pollutants, viruses, smoke particles, etc. and pass their change onto them. Then these negatively charged particles get attracted to the positively charged surfaces around you (chair, table, etc.) and create a 3-feet spherical zone of clean air around the head of the user. You can simply wear this air purifier with the provided strap placed right above the cheat for the maximum protection from air pollution.

AirTamer A310 is the best air purifier in India for protection from air pollution for you and your loved ones. It has no filter to be replaced or cleaned which makes a useful device with zero maintenance. It can be easily charged with included USB cable and its one-time charge lasts for 150+ hours. Unlike other air purifiers, it is completely silent as there is no fan or motor. AirTamer’s compact size and stylish design makes it highly portable and useful for protection from viruses in workplaces or in public transports where other purifiers fail.

You can bring the tiny black brush near your lips and the emitting ions will tickle your lip area and that is how you will know it is working. Also, the green light at the back of the device means that it is in purification mode and the red light means that it is on charging mode.


we all know that our daily activities are slowly killing the environment. Hence, along with protecting ourselves from the harmful consequences of the bad environment, we should also keep contributing in the betterment of it. If we don’t start now, it will be too late to be able to do it and honestly, that’s not what you want. And not just air pollution, remember to take measures to decrease all the kinds of pollution be it air, water or sound. It is our world, our earth and only we can find solution for the problem that we have created.

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