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5 Top best ways to treat knee pain

What is the best way to treat knee pain?

Our knee bears a lot of weight due to which there are certain chances that some way or other we might face severe knee pain. The cause of knee pain can be various which depends on age, weight and certain other factors. Are you facing severe knee pain and searching for treatment methods?

We are here to help you. In this blog, we are going to provide you with the top 5 ways to treat your knee pain which will help you overcome your pain and resume your daily life activities. It is generally advised to visit your nearest orthopedic surgeon if you feel severe knee pain that doesn’t go away for 3 to 4 months. You can also try these treatment methods for your knee pain. 

treat knee pain

The best treatment for knee pain

#1 – Exercises

Knee pain is generally caused because of a sedentary lifestyle. It is important for a person to perform certain exercises daily to avoid any bone and joint-related problems. These exercises can help you get away with arthritis too. However, it is suggested that too much exercise can increase pain sometimes. Try resting and exercising for a certain time. These exercises can be weight-bearing exercises as well as some general exercises. Some general exercises include – 

  • Jogging
  • Swimming 
  • Cycling 
  • Yoga

#2 – Weight Control

Being overweight and obese can result in severe knee pain sometimes. According to research done at the Arthritis foundation, if your weight increases by 10 pounds, it will exert 15 to 50 more pounds of pressure on your knees. A higher weight can cause some common symptoms of Arthritis in patients which will result in the breakdown of cartilage. What you can do to control your weight –

this link. if you want, it is up to you.

  • Avoid oily and fatty foods
  • Increase more liquid foods in your diet
  • Try eating healthy and nutritious food only
  • Exercise daily to maintain your weight

#3 – Heat and cold Therapies 

Heat and Cold Therapies are used for different purposes. Heat therapy is used to reduce the pain in your knees whereas cold therapies can help you reduce inflammation in your knee joint. Do not simultaneously practice heating and icing therapy on your knees. Use the therapies for different purposes. Here are some points you need to remember before trying Heat and Cold therapies – 

  • Apply heat for only 20 mins if you feel severe pain in your knees.
  • Apply ice only when you see high swelling in your knees. 
  • Do not keep the ice or heat directly to your skin. It can lead to several other infections.
  • If you are facing swelling or inflammation in your knees, you can apply ice packs for 20 minutes 7 to 8 times per day. 
  • A warm shower bath is also useful in winter to overcome joint pain

#4 –Medications 

For mild to moderate knee pain, doctors suggest certain medicines that include opioids or painkillers. Other medications such as steroids are also helpful. But it is recommended not to consume any medicines without consulting your doctor. Doctors generally don’t suggest medicines for knee pain as it can lead to several other problems in your body. Some medicines specifically suggested by the National Library of Medicines include 

  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen
  • Naproxen
  • Celecoxib

#5 – Surgery

At last, if none of the treatment methods work for relieving your knee pain, you can go for a knee replacement surgery under your doctor’s consultation. Surgery is considered the last option for the patients and sometimes it is the only solution that can cure knee pain. There are many advantages of undergoing knee replacement surgery over any other treatment method –

  • It provides long-term relief from knee pain
  • It helps a patient resume his daily – life activities 
  • Knee replacement surgery has a higher success rate when compared to exercises and medications
  • The recovery time after the surgery is a maximum of 3 months. 
  • A patient can also resume driving if they have stopped earlier.

When do you need knee treatment?

There are several reasons why a patient needs knee treatment. It can differ from patient to patient. Some patient needs knee treatment because they are old and their knee joint is degenerating. Some other patients need the treatment because they are facing some childhood diseases such as Knock knee. here, we will list a few points why a person needs knee treatment – 

  • You are continuously experiencing knee pain from several years
  • You met with an injury or illness due to which your knee pain increased
  • You are unable to stand for a longer time on your knees
  • You cannot walk for long
  • You cannot perform your daily life activities
  • It is difficult for you to sit and stand simultaneously
  • It is even difficult for you to sit on the Indian toilet
  • You cannot fold your knee or bend down on your knees
  • You are not able to climb upstairs and downstairs
  • Along with pain, you experience swelling, redness, inflammation and a popping sound in your knees
  • You met with an accident or fracture
  • You are facing a common childhood disease


Never ignore your knee pain as it can lead to several other orthopedic and health-related problems.You must consult an orthopedic doctor before taking any treatment or if you feel severe pain in your knees. An orthopedic doctor will give you the best advice according to your problem. Although you can practice the above steps if your pain is mild to moderate.