Best Window Curtains for Bedroom and Living Room

The lush homes enveloped with modern and contemporary interiors couldn’t be complete with window treatments. Window curtains add drama to a space and liven up the space. Simultaneously, they can transform the space with warmth and trendy layers of style. You need to be very picky in dressing up the lovely glasses. The major element to putting up a fancy window depends on what side of the space you are decorating. For instance, a window curtain for office space shall vary from that of a window curtain for home. 

The elemental value sometimes may be ignored for curtains compared to that of any mainstream furniture but with the wide range of window curtains online, it is certainly proved to be a myth. However, there are certain things you must consider while buying a curtain for your space.


The size of the curtain is an essential part for it may be a spoil if not appropriate. The caricature of the ambience can be clearly defined by the size of the curtain. A full-length window would require a long window curtain or it may look unappealing. One can take an extra edge by letting it flow on the ground pooling it into the living room ambience. A small window with a half length curtain or a 3/4th length works well depending on the purpose. If one wants to cover the humps of the window, then ¾ the length would be just perfect for it. 


It is rumored to say that window curtains for offices don’t exist. Hold your breath and see it across and there is a huge range that intends to cater to office spaces only. The thick fabrics and suedes are today specially designed for these workspaces. While we speak of office spaces, window curtains for home have many variations. From layers to colours, there’s a lot to choose from. The layering of curtains at home define your persona. Clutch it at the side with a ‘dori’ accessory or leave it open, we love it anyway. The panel fall from creating circular layers was in trend from the past two decades. There’s one more thing that is the latest incoming are the curtain blinds and panes. Now, the curtains are available in a subtle style of sophistication with the exact same mechanisms of that of the window blinds. Must say, the love for fabrics and furnishings shall never die.

Types of curtains

Call it the bohemian chic style with those quirky prints or keep it simple with linen curtains nothing can stop them from impressing us. The contemporary window curtains with great textures, prints and patterns can add to the glory. You could even refresh your mind with some vintage look with modern window curtains with the prints fetched from the bygone era placed on silks and velvets.The heavy embroidery is another resemblance of the regal look curtains. The sheer glazing curtains have made it to every home today. Keep it simple or over the top, the window curtain types can be in any form of magnificence. 

The spatial spaces embellished with great furnishings can be extravagant. However, one needs to assess and understand the requirement before dressing a space with window curtains.