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Bridal Lehenga Inspired By Royal Household Of Rajasthan: Vasansi Jaipur

Great India is Known for its Beautiful Cultures with many Diversities. Our Clothing Fashion thus gets inspired by different Indian deeply rooted customs and traditions….!!!

Today every gorgeous lady wishes to adorn the stylish yet traditionally inspired clothing during their wedding ceremonies. For that, Vasansi Jaipur, the top fashion brand in the Pink City, has brought you a versatile fashion inspired by pure Rajasthani and Mughal Culture.

Every Designer Bridal Wedding Lehenga is crafted by lightweight organic fabrics with high-quality branded natural color dyes to keep a skin-friendly touch that soothes every skin-type.

Vasansi Jaipur offers a mesmerizing designer Bridal collection with an exquisite range of Indian wedding dresses online, which are truly designed with fashion experts to create a unique and classy look in every designer outfit online.

Let’s dive deep into the designer royal Rajasthani culture-inspired Vasansi Lehenga Choli offered at never before prices. Stunning “Brides to be” are just a click away from booking the designer Indian Wedding Dresses Online by visiting Vasansi Jaipur.

Pink Bandhani Silk Lehenga With Rajputi Tunic

The Vasansi Bridal Wedding Lehenga is itself an Enqueue From The Royal Household Of Rajasthan. The designer Pink Bandhani Silk Lehenga with Rajpuri Tunic is crafted by the Organic fabric of Vasansi Silk, which is especially known to give cotton-touch to every skin type. This designer Indian Ethnic Wear Lehenga Choli is made of 26 Kaalis, and Ghera (Umbrella Skirt) is over 8-10 Meters. Every size of Women can wear this astonishing bright Rajasthan inspired Bridal Lehenga, as all Vasansi Indian Wedding Dress comes in Standard Sizes. Pair with Rajasthani Jewelry to accentuate your desirable look on your very special day. Adorn this trendy tradition bright Pink Lehenga Set at just Rs. 24,500.00.

Blue And Pink Patola Lehenga With Rajputi Tunic

The Vasansi Blue and Pink Patola Lehenga with Rajputi Tunic is inspired by Traditional Rajputi Poshak, making them unique to Vasansi Jaipur. This Designer Bridal Wedding Lehenga Set is made of 28 Kaalis, And Ghera Is Over 8-10 Meter to give you a complete umbrella skirt. The Pink and Blue combination itself defines royalty. Moreover, Vasansi has crafted this royalty on the organic silk fabric to create the Rajasthani Trendy Look. Best suited to plus-size girls who always desired to look fit by accentuating their curves aesthetically. Pair with designer jewelry sets with Rajasthani Mojaris to give a complete trendy traditional look on your very special day of marriage. Vasansi Jaipur offers you this distinctive look at just Rs. 21,500.00.

Pink Ombre Silk Printed Lehenga Set

The Vasansi Pink Ombre Silk Printed Lehenga Set is a gift by hard work of very talented designer artisans who work day and night to present such great work to our beautiful customers. This designer, Bridal Wedding Lehenga, is made of 16 Kaalis And Ghera Is Of Around 8-10 Meters Of Vasansi Silk Fabric. Pair with Rajasthani Designer Jewelry to accentuate the graceful trendy look on your very special day of the wedding. Specially crafted with skin-soothing natural fabrics that are very lightweight to carry even in scorching summers. You can adorn this desirable designer Bridal Lehenga Outfits Online, at just Rs. 21,500.00. 

Baby Pink Vasansi Signature Leheriya Printed Lehenga Set

The Baby Pink Vasansi Signature Leheriya Printed Bridal Wedding Lehenga Set is specially designed for trendy girls. Baby Pink Color is one of the most eye-soothing colors that today’s pretty trendy girls desire to adorn on their very special day. Especially crafted by Vasansi Silk Fabric to soothe every skin-type in all the Indian Seasons. The Designer Indian Ethnic Wear Lehenga Choli is made of 32 Kaalis, And Ghera Is Of Around 8-10 Meters. Pair with stylish, trendy earrings and diamond necklaces to embrace the royalty in your wedding functions. You can carry this designer Baby Pink Bridal Lehenga at just Rs. 21,500.00.

Pink Ombre Silk Patola Lehenga

The Pink Ombre Silk Patola Vasansi Bridal Wedding Lehenga is one of the best designer outfits online at Vasansi Jaipur. Inspired by the deep-rooted Royal Household of Rajasthan, Vasansi Jaipur offers a versatile look handcrafted by hard-working artisans working all day and night to provide such glamorous outfits online for our beautiful customers. Specially crafted with unique silk fabrics to make 42 Kaalis Ghera, which Is Over 8-10 Meter cloth to give a complete wide umbrella look. Ladies who visualize themselves being the talk of the time can pick this designer Indian Wedding Dresses Online at just Rs. 21,500.00

Pink Ombre Mughal Printed Lehenga Set

The Pink Ombre Mughal Printed Bridal Wedding Lehenga by Vasansi Jaipur is one of the most Stunning Silk Lehenga designed by top Fashion Designers of the Pink City, Jaipur. The designer Vasansi Lehenga Choli is among the top Bridal Collection in India. Crafted with natural silk fabric to soothe your skin in every weather. Inspired by Rajasthani Mughal Culture and made of 24 Kaalis Ghera, which is Around 8-10 Meters Of Skirt Fabric. The designer Choli is made of hand-embroidery work on the Pink Silk Fabric, which has golden shine touch when viewed under lights and screen. You can get this Pink Indian Wedding Dresses Online at just Rs. 21,500.00.


A wedding is aways a dream for every girl, and adorning the top-rated Indian Wedding Dresses is their wish. For that, Vasansi Jaipur, the top-fashion brand that offers designer Bridal Wedding Lehenga designed by the Top Fashion Designers. Every Designer Outfits Online on Vasansi is crafted with organic fabric and skin-soothing dyes. Girls who want to see more options for designer Bridal Collection can visit the official site of Vasansi Jaipur. If you are a “Bride to be” or Bride’s Friend looking for various designer ethnic dresses, we can also get an online appointment with our shopping experts to help choose the best fit for you and your family.

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